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old family favorite (covers - vols 1 & 2)

Side A
Artist Song Buy
pavement  the classical [the fall]  buy on itunes
future pilot AKA vs. the pastels  hurricane fighter plane [red krayola]  buy on itunes
sonic boom  rock 'n' roll is killing my life [suicide]  buy on itunes
flying saucer attack  the drowners [suede]  buy on itunes
elvis costello & the voice squad  full force gale [van morrison]  buy on itunes
mercury rev  the sun machine [david bowie]  buy on itunes
luna with laetitia sadier  bonnie & clyde (the bonnie parker version) [serge gainsbourg]  buy on itunes
galaxie 500  don't let our youth go to waste [jonathan richman]  buy on itunes
sonic youth  ca plane pour moi [plastic bertrand]  buy on itunes
holly golightly  box elder [pavement]  buy on itunes
love  my little red book [burt bacharach & hal david]  buy on itunes
the merton parkas  (i'm not your) steppin' stone [the monkees]  buy on itunes
the wrens  let's pretend [the germs]  buy on itunes
unrest  so you want to be a rock 'n' roll star [the byrds]  buy on itunes
the merrymakers  i'll feel a whole lot better [the byrds]  buy on itunes
lilys  touch the water [the apples in stereo]  buy on itunes
preston school of industry  anything could happen [the clean]  buy on itunes
the pastels  advice to the graduate (peel session) [silver jews]  buy on itunes
the wedding present  make me smile (come up and see me) [steve harley]  buy on itunes
beachwood sparks  by your side [sade]  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
Side B
the wedding present  she's my best friend [lou reed]  buy on itunes
johnny cash  the mercy seat [nick cave & the bad seeds]  buy on itunes
the white stripes  st. james infirmary blues [joe primrose]  buy on itunes
spacemen 3  may the circle be unbroken [traditional]  buy on itunes
macha loves bedhead  believe [cher]  buy on itunes
gary jules  mad world [tears for fears]  buy on itunes
the microphones  sand [eric's trip]  buy on itunes
pavement  camera [REM]  buy on itunes
galaxie 500  cheese & onions [the rutles]  buy on itunes
elf power  needles in the camel's eye [brian eno]  buy on itunes
luna  dream baby dream [suicide]  buy on itunes
my bloody valentine  map ref 41n 93w [wire]  buy on itunes
them  it's all over now, baby blue [bob dylan]  buy on itunes
souled american  the torch singer [john prine]  buy on itunes
uncle tupelo  i wanna be your dog [the stooges]  buy on itunes
blur  maggie may [rod stewart]  buy on itunes
manic street preachers  raindrops keep falling on my head [burt bacharach & hal david]  buy on itunes
mercury rev  i only have eyes for you [harry warren & al dubin]  buy on itunes
john cale  hallelujah [leonard cohen]  buy on itunes
the zombies  summertime [george gershwin]  buy on itunes
elvis presley  blue moon (alternate take) [richard rodgers & lorenz hart]  buy on itunes


i like cover songs. my five least favorites: 1. bono's painful attempt at hallelujah. equally painful is rufus wainwright's adult contemporary version. 2. face to face pretending to be fugazi on merchandise. please. 3. dave matthews band doing all along the watchtower. easy target? yes. but still. 4. reel big fish covering take on me. they're no cap'n jazz. 5. and i love em to death, but just about any u2 cover. happiness is a warm gun, paint it black, &c. satellite of love and THEIR version of the aforementioned all along the watchtower are inspired, though.
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Date: 6/15/2002
very. scary. cover.
Date: 6/15/2002
Outstanding. One of the best cover mixes I've seen on this site. I'm sure you've heard the Wedding Present's cover of Box Elder, which is excellent. I'll have to check out the Elf Power and Lilys covers.
Mike Pike Set
Date: 6/15/2002
I'm with Ion here, Amazing, i love cover mixes, i love cassettes too, i think i'm gonna do a tape too, it's nice sitting with some beers with a really big bunch of records mixing a tape, esp if it's a 120 mins cassette;)
Great work!!
Date: 6/15/2002
lots of great tracks here. Like the White stripes and Love covers especially
Date: 6/15/2002
the (physical) cover is actually a picture of the japanese psych band acid mothers temple. yes, it is very scary.
Date: 6/16/2002
whoa, this is !
Date: 6/16/2002
Love the John Cale and Wedding Present pieces here. Outstanding mix...., just great!
Date: 6/17/2002
Fantastic. I love covers too, but only if they're done right, and these ones are.
Date: 7/15/2002
Tried it.., LOVED it! Much fun to be had here folks..., trade him. He's worthy. Thanks Alex!!!
Date: 7/25/2002
Check out the Alien Sex Fiend version of Hurricane Fighter Plane too. Demental!

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