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Global Choral: Sacred & Profane Choral Music From Around The World

Artist Song Buy
Hildegard von Bingen (C12th Germany)   O pastor animarum  buy on itunes
Zap Mama (Belgium/Zaire)   Mupepe  buy on itunes
Ensemble Georgika (Georgia)   Romelni Kerubimta  buy on itunes
Igor Koshkendey (Tuva)  Dingildai  buy on itunes
Johannes Brahms (C19th Germany)   Geistliches Lied, Op. 30  buy on itunes
Mac-Talla (Scotland)   Griogal Cridhe  buy on itunes
Sergei Rachmaninov (C20th Russia)  Glory To God In The Highest from Vespers, Op. 37  buy on itunes
Marlui Miranda (Brazil)  Naumu/Pame daworo  buy on itunes
Thomas Tallis (C15th England)  Te lucis ante terminum I & II  buy on itunes
Tubuai Choir (Polynesia)   Umere Umere  buy on itunes
Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares (Bulgaria)   Stani Mi, Maytcho  buy on itunes
Francis Poulenc (C20th France)   Les chemins de l'amour  buy on itunes
Ladysmith Black Mambazo (South Africa)  Kangivamanga  buy on itunes
Gabriel Faure (C19th France)   Cantique de Jean Racine, Op. 11  buy on itunes
Ensemble Georgika (Georgia)   Cincqaro  buy on itunes
Goran Bregovic (Bosnia)   Dreams  buy on itunes
Dzintars (Latvia)   Blow Wind Blow  buy on itunes
Sharakan (Armenia)   Chinar Es  buy on itunes
Zoltan Kodaly (C20th Hungary)   Lentils, Peas, Porridge/St Gregory's Day  buy on itunes
Gabriel Faure (C19th France)   Sanctus from Requiem, Op.48  buy on itunes


Not ever being much of a church goer, I don't have a block against choral music like some of my friends in which such music produces a Pavlovian response of uneasiness and guilt.And what a good thing that is, because it means I can happily listen to some of the most striking music in the world.This is all spiritual music whether motivated by worship of a godhead, awe of numena or pure joy of life. It spans both time and geography.From medieval Christian music performed by Sharakan to the clever 12th century abbess Hildegard of Bingen (as well as being a composer, she was a writer of poetry and treatises on natural history & medicine and in her spare time gave prophecies and indulged visions), to the 15th century Thomas Tallis (famous for his 40 voice Spem in alum, not included here due to duration), to Faure in the 19th century (who wins 'Best Requiem' in my books) and up to today's Zap Mama and their playful genre merging.From Latvia to Tuva, Georgia and Armenia to South Africa and Zaire, Polynesia to Scotland to Amazonia and beyond.Enjoy.
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James Russell
Date: 6/19/2002
Cool! Anything with a Tuvan connection is fine by me.
4 leaf clover
Date: 6/19/2002
nice job!
Date: 6/20/2002
Wow! This mix really stands out from the others. The Bulgarian Choir (who were on one of my recent mixes) never fail to give me goosebumps.
Date: 6/20/2002
simply awesome.
Date: 6/20/2002
Once you give up the idea of a "godhead" the guilt leaves, and rather painlessly too. Strive for gnosis. This may help achieve that...,great mix Muzag!
Date: 7/3/2002
put this on while packing my daughter's suitcase, and had to stop what I was doing in order to appreciate the sound better. Amazing stuff.
Date: 7/8/2002
WOW! Amazing! Something else altogether for a refreshing freaking change. Great Faure and Tallis picks (doesn't this sound totally stupid?) And do check out Monteverdi's "Canzonette", Handel's "Italian Cantatas", William Byrd and Antonio Caldara.
Date: 2/21/2007
Mmmmm. I love choral music.

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