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Neo Pop For Pure People (I)

Artist Song Buy
Apples in Stereo  Ruby  buy on itunes
Neutral Milk Hotel  Everything Is  buy on itunes
The Aislers Set  The Way To Market Station  buy on itunes
Elf Power  The Naughty Villain  buy on itunes
Olivia Tremor Control  Define a Transparent Dream  buy on itunes
Ladybug Transistor  Meadowport Arch  buy on itunes
The Minders  Hand Me Downs  buy on itunes
Chocolate USA  All Jets Are Gonna Fall Today  buy on itunes
Oranger  Mike Love Not War  buy on itunes
Beulah  Emma Blowgun's Last Stand  buy on itunes
Of Montreal  The Problem With April  buy on itunes
Dressy Bessy  Jenny Come On  buy on itunes
Beachwood Sparks  Sister Rose  buy on itunes
Great Lakes  A Little Touched  buy on itunes
Apples in Stereo  Seems So  buy on itunes
Essex Green  Mrs. Bean  buy on itunes
Olivia Tremor Control  California Demise 3  buy on itunes
Mazarin  Suicide Will Make You Happy  buy on itunes
Kingsbury Manx  Whether or Not it Matters  buy on itunes
Neutral Milk Hotel  Song Against Sex  buy on itunes
Beulah  A Good Man Is Easy To Kill  buy on itunes
The Minders  Hooray For Tuesday  buy on itunes
The Shins  Know Your Onion  buy on itunes
Orange Peels  Back in San Francisco  buy on itunes


Disc 1 of a 2-cd set of neo-psychedelic pop by various Elephant 6 bands and the like.
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Rob Conroy
Date: 7/1/2002
Just about every band on this is great. Nice work!
Date: 7/1/2002
I love the Elephant 6 stuff too! Like Rob said, every band is great, although there's a few here I haven't heard (Oranger, Kingsbury Manx)
popkulcher (Marc Fagel)
Date: 7/2/2002
Oranger is great -- a San Francisco Bay Area band with two albums of retro-60's power-pop mixing Brian Wilson grandiosity with early Who/Creation-styled rockers. Kingsbury Manx is a North Carolina (I think) band, very mellow, verging on dull but makes for nice background music.
p the swede
Date: 8/8/2002
if you are intrested in a trade with me so would i love to have these two volumes, you could always check my mixes and mail me later
Russ Woods1
Date: 10/26/2002
love it love it love it love it love it love it love it
Date: 1/10/2003
Legal fun in TWO volumes!!!! Great stuff kiddos..., get neo now!
Date: 7/21/2003
good collection of bands

but of course you know that
Date: 5/26/2006

nice collection....how many of these songs are longer then 2-3 minutes? Thats awesome ...I have not been able to put more then 21 songs on a cd.....

-pict green
Date: 7/16/2007
Wow. Seeing all of those band names together really takes me back. I was obsessed with half of these bands back in '01 or so.

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