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Neo Pop For Pure People (II)

Artist Song Buy
Apples in Stereo  Go  buy on itunes
Elf Power  Let The Serpent Sleep  buy on itunes
Beachwood Sparks  Confusion is Nothing New  buy on itunes
Beulah  I Love John, She Loves Paul  buy on itunes
The Sunshine Fix  That Ole Sun  buy on itunes
The Minders  Build  buy on itunes
Of Montreal  Don't Ask Me To Explain  buy on itunes
Olivia Tremor Control  Love Athena  buy on itunes
Oranger  Texas Snow  buy on itunes
Dressy Bessy  You Stand Here  buy on itunes
Ladybug Transistor  The Reclusive Hero  buy on itunes
Green Pajamas  She's Still Bewitching Me  buy on itunes
Neutral Milk Hotel  Holland 1945  buy on itunes
Orange Peels  Something Strange Happens  buy on itunes
Kingsbury Manx  Courtyard Waltz  buy on itunes
Go Sailor  Last Year  buy on itunes
The Gerbils  Sunshine Soul  buy on itunes
The High Llamas  Theatreland  buy on itunes
Olivia Tremor Control  A Place We Have Been To  buy on itunes
Chocolate USA  My Little Two Eyes  buy on itunes
The Aislers Set  California  buy on itunes
Elf Power  Simon  buy on itunes
Marbles  Sun To Shine  buy on itunes
The Minders  Right as Rain  buy on itunes
Neutral Milk Hotel  Ghost  buy on itunes
Beulah  If We Can Land a Man on the Moon...  buy on itunes
Of Montreal  The Gay Parade Outro  buy on itunes


Disc 2 of a 2-cd set of neo-psychedelic pop by various Elephant 6 bands and the like.
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Rob Conroy
Date: 7/1/2002
Another great batch o' bands & songs.
Date: 7/2/2002
Gods bless Sean O'Hagan!!! Both mixes look great....
A really phenomenal two volume mix. Kingsbury Manx, Oranger, The Minders... hey, a whole lot of Elephant 6, and a lot of the best songs of these bands. These are bands that need more exposure.
p the swede
Date: 10/3/2002
this looks damn fine to me
Date: 3/23/2003
neo pop my coochie.

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