like reading textbooks to lunch-table handclaps

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Deep Puddle Dynamics  Rainmen  buy on itunes
Sole  Bottle of Humans  buy on itunes
Dose One  That Ol' Pagan Shit  buy on itunes
Alias  Divine Disappointment  buy on itunes
Why?  You'll Know Where Your Plane Is...  buy on itunes
The Pedestrian   Pedestrian For Vessel  buy on itunes
Odd Nosdam  untitled (track 8)  buy on itunes
cLOUDEAD f/ Sole  I Promise Never To Get Paint On My Glasses Again (1)  buy on itunes
Reaching Quiet  Broken Crow  buy on itunes
Jel  Channel Assign  buy on itunes
So Called Artists  So You Wanna Be Rapstar or Recycling Bin  buy on itunes
Odd Nosdam  untitled (track 25)  buy on itunes
Sixtoo  Simulated Snow  buy on itunes
Sole f/ Passage  Isn't It Sad?  buy on itunes
cLOUDEAD  Jimmy Breeze (2)  buy on itunes
Alias  Jovial Costume  buy on itunes
Sole, Dose One, & Alias  We Ain't Fessin'  buy on itunes
Restiform Bodies  Third Reel Judy Garland  buy on itunes
Controller 7  Heckles From The Peanut Gallery  buy on itunes


what is anticon?

Comprised of 8 gentlemen involved both individually and in small groups with recording, performing, writing and unlearning art at large, anticon is a label for a movement. Bound by 8 brands of genre defiance, the anticon family along with a handful of coworker cousins have been amassing an archetypal work ethic for the past 5 years while allowing their respective aesthetics to grow separately and influence one another.
and those 8 gentlemen are: Alias, Dose One, Jel, Odd Nosdam, Passage, The Pedestrian, Sole and Why?

that is from the anticon website. This disc one of my 2disc mix that features all of my favorite anticon songs and the work of some artists who are loosely affiliated with anticon, such as:controller 7,sixtoo, restiform bodies.
and now a group breakdown: Deep Puddle Dynamics consists of Alias, Dose One, Slug, and Sole w/ production by mayonnaise, jel, & alias.
cLOUDEAD consists of Dose One and Why? on the mic and production by odd nosdam.
Reaching Quiet consists of Why? on the mic and production by odd nodam.
So Called Artists consists of Sole and Alias on the mic and production by dj mayonnaise and Alias.
Restiform Bodies consists of Passage on the mic and production by the Bomarr Monk, Passage, and Telephone Jim Jesus.

i stole the title out of an article in urb magazine about them.

image for mix


Date: 7/10/2002
love the title. love dose one more than my mama. i think why? is the bee's knees. but i'll be honest, not a big fan of sole. don't know what it is. but anywho, nice gratuitous use anticon material. they are the future. resistance is futile.
Date: 7/11/2002
anticon is the future. and a wonderful one at that. one thing, no buck 65????
Date: 8/11/2002
the reaching quiet cd is awesome!

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