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CD | Theme - Depression

You Bastards Will Get Yours

Artist Song Buy
Radiohead  Paranoid Android  buy on itunes
Ben Folds Five  1 Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces  buy on itunes
Radiohead  Karma Police  buy on itunes
Rage Against the Machine  Children of the Sun  buy on itunes
Nine Inch Nails  Head Like a Whole  buy on itunes
Low  Whore  buy on itunes
Turin Brakes  The Optimist  buy on itunes
Nick Drake  Pink Moon  buy on itunes


A mix of songs whose lyrics suggest, in one form or another, that someone will "get what they deserve".


abigail dice
Date: 7/27/2002
not to be picky or anything, but isn't the rage against the machine track People Of The Sun? don't mind me. great mix nonetheless. good Ben Folds Five pick!
Blake Ellis
Date: 7/28/2002
That's uh, what I meant... (d'oh)


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