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Sydney Rocks

Artist Song Buy
The Herd  Burn Down the Parliament   buy on itunes
Rose Tattoo  Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw   buy on itunes
You Am I  Cathy's Clown   buy on itunes
Bliss n Eso  Bullet and a Target   buy on itunes
Sherbet  Howzat   buy on itunes


Sydney's music scene has gone through many changes over the years, from the rise and fall of the Easybeats, through the riotous triumphs of Midnight Oil and Rose Tattoo, to the hip-hop fusions of Bliss N Eso and the Herd — and this overview of city sounds drawn from more than four decades crackles with creative voltage. John Paul Young steams into "Yesterday's Hero" with a vengeance, INXS charts a unstoppable course through "I Send a Message," the Vines kick the living daylights out of "Get Free" and Silverchair grinds "Tomorrow" to a fine dust.

Sydney cornerstone bands come no more solid than the Missing Links . . . in Next Steps.
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