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You Appeal to My Vanity

Artist Song Buy
Ashley Stove  Amen Grasshopper  buy on itunes
Kelly Willis  Fading Fast  buy on itunes
Jim Roll  Desperado in the Parking Lot  buy on itunes
Freakwater  Drunk Friend  buy on itunes
Gram Parsons  Song for You  buy on itunes
Guy Clark  Dublin Blues  buy on itunes
Richmond Fontaine  Winner's Casino  buy on itunes
My Morning Jacket  Just Because I Do  buy on itunes
Superchunk  Without Blinking  buy on itunes
Nothing Painted Blue  Missed the Point  buy on itunes
Archers of Loaf  Scenic Pastures  buy on itunes
Joe Henry  Trampoline  buy on itunes
Those Bastard Souls  Telegram  buy on itunes
Alejandro Escovedo  Rhapsody  buy on itunes
Scott Miller  Loving that Girl  buy on itunes
Richard Buckner  4 AM  buy on itunes
Tim Easton  Get Some Lonesome  buy on itunes
Big Star  Watch the Sunrise  buy on itunes
Guided by Voices  Glad Girls  buy on itunes
Beulah  If We Can Land a Man on the Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart  buy on itunes
Beach Boys   God Only Knows  buy on itunes


I made this mix for a relatively new friend of mine whose music tastes I'm unsure of, so there are lots of "standards" on here. A representative mix of nothing too startling.


Date: 7/30/2002
this looks nice! hope your friend likes it.
Date: 7/31/2002
nice stuff.
Date: 2/23/2003
"Missed the Point" is a fantastic song. one for a party mix i may yet make...

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