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The Windy City Beckons

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Trik Turner  Friends and Family  buy on itunes
Basement Jaxx  Where's Your Head At?  buy on itunes
Weezer  Undone (The Sweater Song)  buy on itunes
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  Love Burns  buy on itunes
Eddie Vedder  You've Got to Hide Your Love Away  buy on itunes
Local H  Half Life  buy on itunes
No Doubt  Hella Good  buy on itunes
Something Corporate  If U C Jordan  buy on itunes
Weezer  Say It Ain't So  buy on itunes
Weezer  Dope Nose  buy on itunes
Course of Nature  Caught in the Sun  buy on itunes
311  Amber  buy on itunes
John Mayer  No Such Thing  buy on itunes
Dashboard Confessional  Screaming Infidelities  buy on itunes
Dispatch  Open Up (cuts off)  buy on itunes
Side B
Fatboy Slim  Weapon of Choice  buy on itunes
The White Stripes  Fell in Love with a Girl  buy on itunes
Jimmy Eat World  The Middle  buy on itunes
Phantom Planet  California  buy on itunes
The Avalanches  Frontier Psychiatrist  buy on itunes
Lose It  buy on itunes
Oasis  The Hindu Times  buy on itunes
Quarashi  Stick 'Em Up  buy on itunes
Ben Folds  Rockin' the Suburbs  buy on itunes
Blink 182  First Date  buy on itunes
Ben Kweller  Wasted and Ready  buy on itunes
Poe  Hey Pretty  buy on itunes
Gob  I Hear You Calling  buy on itunes
Thursday  Understanding (in a Car Crash)  buy on itunes
Dishwalla  Somewhere in the Middle  buy on itunes


I made this tape in the beginning of the year, before everyone and their mom was sick of the Jimmy Eat World and No Doubt songs. My only real purpose in making it was to show my friends at home how much better the radio stations in Chicago (where I go to school) are than in Minnesota, where I live. I'd say I succeeded halfway. And if anyone knows who sings the "Lose It" song, let me know! It's the one that goes "I walked in on my girl at a bad time."


abigail dice
Date: 8/4/2002
I like that mix, with the exception of Hella Good. but that's just me :)
banana fish1
Date: 8/4/2002
wish I could help you out with the song.. but the Ben Kweller song - oh oh soo soo soo good
even better in concert, I love that man!
(I can blame him for my new nickname, spaghetti, he pointed at me and said, "you know what I'm talkin' about" right after the "having sex reminds her of eating spaghetti" lyric)
Jeb Nagel1
Date: 8/7/2002
Used to live in Chicago, and you are right. Not only do they have the best Commercial radio stations in the country, they have the best food as well. I miss it.
Cool mix. Love the Avalanches.
Emily Stein
Date: 8/11/2002
Hey, this is really good. :)
Date: 8/15/2002
The fact that there is a place where commercial stations play good music makes me feel good.. the fact that I'm not in listening range of these stations makes me pretty damn sad. Guess my bank account will just have to keep depleting in order to feed my CD habit AKA search-for-good-music until I move.
Date: 8/25/2002
Oh, oh! This all sounds quite good. And I'm starting school in Chicago in less than a month... any recommendations for radio stations there that play this sort of music?
Russ Woods1
Date: 8/25/2002
Ooh. This sounds right up my alley. ^^
Date: 8/31/2002
Yeah, Jimmy Eat World and that No Doubt song sure are annoying now. I liked them too before they were overplayed. This is a good mix!
abigail dice
Date: 9/1/2002
can we trade again? hehe. I want this. :)
Date: 9/5/2002
i'm definitely up for a trade chongo... hehe i want this for sure. i mean, come on... dispatch! you rule.
Date: 9/5/2002
here's my ben kweller story: i met him in bufallo after a show. i asked him for a high five. he gave me a high five and told me i was fantastic. his bassist was macking on 12-year-olds. the end.
Date: 12/6/2002
I'm a Chicago man myself.

94.7 changed from classic rock to alternative (competing with 101.1), which was rather sad. But yes, I definately took the radio stations @ home for granted. DC radio is a bit shoddy.
Date: 7/10/2003
I went to law school in South Bend, so I pined for the days when I could jump on the Toll Road and get to Chi-town!

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