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Whoa! Hey! Don't Touch Me!

Artist Song Buy
Jermaine Dupri featuring Ludacris  Welcome to Atlanta  buy on itunes
The Breeders  Huffer  buy on itunes
Saint Etienne  Only Love Can Break Your Heart  buy on itunes
Console  14 Zero Zero  buy on itunes
Brian's Freestyle  CKY2K  buy on itunes
Bogmen  Suddenly  buy on itunes
Le Tigre  Get Off The Internet  buy on itunes
Rammstein  Du Hast  buy on itunes
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Art Star  buy on itunes
Echobelly  Dark Therapy  buy on itunes
Boo Radleys  From the Bench at Belvidere  buy on itunes
Bjork   Big Time Sensuality (Moby Mix)  buy on itunes
Letters to Cleo  I Want You To Want Me  buy on itunes
My Bloody Valentine  Only Shallow  buy on itunes
Spiritualized  Do It All Over Again  buy on itunes
Kids In The Hall  These Are The Daves I Know  buy on itunes
Prozzak  Sucks To Be You  buy on itunes
Polaris  Hey Sandy  buy on itunes
Brak  Don't Touch Me  buy on itunes
Super Furry Animals  Ice Hockey Hair  buy on itunes
Wax  Southern California  buy on itunes
Stephen Malkmus  Jo Jo's Jacket  buy on itunes


I had to represent da ATL in this one. For my friend Kat --- who shares my love for SFA as well as booty shakin' muzak.


Date: 8/6/2002
hey I love Sales Force Automation (SFA) too. small world!
Date: 8/6/2002
Really good Cat Lady. Lots of bands I love. BTW, there's a guy 'round these parts known as the "Cat Man" who tattooed his face to look like a cat. He was featured on Ripley's Believe or Not. Any relation?
Date: 8/6/2002
cool stuff.
Date: 8/7/2002
I love that you put the Kids in the Hall on here.
Date: 9/16/2002
you've knocked me out with the bjork/kids/saint etienne/echobelly/malkmus combo. good times.

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