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Neutral Milk Hotel  Song Against Sex  buy on itunes
Ozma  Apple Trees  buy on itunes
Death Cab For Cutie  Company Calls  buy on itunes
Yo La Tengo  Little Honda  buy on itunes
The Pascals  This Hand Is A Clue  buy on itunes
The Flashing Lights  Highschool  buy on itunes
American Football  I'll See You When We're Both Not So Emotional  buy on itunes
Jimmy Eat World  Crush  buy on itunes
Hey Mercedes  The House Shook  buy on itunes
Pavement  Painted Sailors  buy on itunes
The Breeders  Saints  buy on itunes
The Rentals  Waiting  buy on itunes
Le Tigre  My My Metrocard  buy on itunes
Saves The Day  This Is Not An Exit  buy on itunes
Tristan Psionic  All Of The Important Things I've Done  buy on itunes
Weezer  Simple Pages  buy on itunes
Radiohead  Electioneering  buy on itunes
Reggie & The Full Effect  Dwarf Invasion  buy on itunes
Hayden  The Hazards Of Sitting Beneath Palm Trees  buy on itunes
Blonde Redhead  10 Feet High  buy on itunes
The Get Up Kids  Mass Pike  buy on itunes
Dashboard Confessional  Saints And Sailors  buy on itunes
The Anniversary  Perfectly  buy on itunes
Gorillaz  M1 A1  buy on itunes


Made around the time the Green Album came out. This mix was not made for "street cred" or anything, it's just a solid, fun mix. I still listen to it all the time. It's a milestone, in that it's the first mix I made including many of these bands... Dashboard, Hey Mercedes, Le Tigre, Reggie, Blonde Redhead, and a couple others. Enjoyable.


abigail dice
Date: 9/4/2002
oooooh. aaaaaaah. I like this a lot. I wanted to thank you for listing two (2?!! wow!) of my mixes as favorites. that was so nice! this is mix quite wonderful, I must say. :) I have to add a lot more mixes to my favorites, so expect to see this in there.
abigail dice
Date: 9/4/2002
which tape of mine do you want? :) cause I would love this. thanks so much for the email.
Date: 9/4/2002
I really like this.
Date: 9/4/2002
"too bad the burial was premature..." is lookin quite nice to me abi... we'll talk :)
ricky butler
Date: 9/8/2002
Painted Soldiers. It's Painted Soldiers.
Date: 9/8/2002
hehe yes it is... i was thinking saints and sailors. oops on my part.
Date: 4/3/2003
Wow. What little I know of this mix, it sounds very cool. I am curiously drawn to hearing it.

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