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Chanting Down Babylon

Artist Song Buy
Junior Delgado feat. The Jungle Brothers  Buffalo Soldier  buy on itunes
Ganjan feat. Prof. Patch, Black Kappa, Der Biber & Lazy Youth  Bubble & Wine (Bazooka! Mega Mix)  buy on itunes
Damian Marley feat. Capleton, Stephen Marley & Dragon  It Was Written  buy on itunes
Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars  Sailing  buy on itunes
Gentleman feat. Bounty Killer  Man a Rise  buy on itunes
Capleton  Mi Deyah  buy on itunes
Elephant Man  Jamaica  buy on itunes
Ward 21 feat. Zumjay  Ma Doggs  buy on itunes
Nattyflo  Wie ich abbrenn  buy on itunes
Don Abi  Firefighter  buy on itunes
Dub Syndicate  One in a Million  buy on itunes
Lee Perry  10 Commandments  buy on itunes
Junior Kelly  Push a Fire  buy on itunes
Rasites  Chop Corruption  buy on itunes
Turbulence  Celebrate  buy on itunes
Patrice  Jah Jah Deh Deh  buy on itunes
Alpheus  Nothing Can Stop You  buy on itunes
Beenie Man feat. Lady Saw & Sean Paul  Bossman  buy on itunes
Doppelganger feat. Ras Charmer  Hey Yo!  buy on itunes


A kind of last-minute mix before I leave for a two-week trip to da US, featuring a load of dancehall, dub & reggae grooves celebrating the end of summer. Dedicated to the mighty Valis (who "likes his reggae music") for his unrelenting friendship and support.


Date: 9/6/2002
Looks great as always Thomas.
p the swede
Date: 9/7/2002
once again lucky valis
Date: 9/7/2002
Looks mighty good Thomas. Enjoy yours trip to the States.
Date: 9/7/2002
Looks like another winner Thom Cat, and Valis is very worthy of the dedication. I'm sure the local gendarme will love this one too.
Date: 9/7/2002
It would seem this valis guy is a very, very lucky guy today..! the Misfit and now some Mohr.....(as the estimable Mr. Curtis Burns said in some previous mix of forgotten origin: "I like it on spec'.." with a tip o' the helmet to the Swanky Modes!) Ion...we have taken to wearing headphones. Have 'em on now....thanks Thomas. This will make a great bookend to Muzag's "Up the Dubs!" , just hit "random" and reggae jam-down master blaster! Haile Selassie! Ras-ta-far-I!!!
Mike Pike Set
Date: 9/7/2002
Wow....lucky Valis(Whale)....what's happening between you and Valis?...romance:-D
Junior D
Date: 11/18/2002
Irie. Wish I had this one to drop on the masses. What, a copy in the mail? proper.

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