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Songs for my roommates girlfriend

Side A
Artist Song
Ben Folds  Fired 
Beulah  If They Can Land A Man On The Moon,Surely I Can Win Your Heart 
The Smiths  Ask 
XTC  Mayor Of Simpleton 
Fastball  You're An Ocean 
Duvall  Standing At The Door 
The Cure  Friday I'm In Love 
The Meices  Hopin' For A Ride 
The Lemonheads  If I Could Talk I'd Tell You 
Side B
The Breeders  Invisible Man 
Superchunk  Iron On 
Juliana Hatfield  Everybody Loves Me But You 
Matthew Sweet  Sick Of Myself 
Hey Mercedes  Haven't Been This Happy 
The Flaming Lips  Race For The Prize 
That Dog  Never Say Never 
The Rentals  Please Let That Be You 
They Might Be Giants  Letterbox 


I made this mix of songs for my roommates girlfriend.She said she wanted some new music so this is what I came up with.Upbeat songs to sing in the car to.


Date: 9/8/2002
it's songs like that by Beulah that make me think music is still headed in a good direction. and it's short and sweet tapes like these that make me think the cool people will eventually make it to the mixes of the week. nice tape.
Date: 9/9/2002
Nice picks, esp. the XTC and Matthew Sweet tracks.
Date: 9/22/2002
juliana hatfield... good pick.