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Covers - World of Madonna

Artist Song Buy
Tori Amos  Like A Prayer   buy on itunes
Berlin  Live to Tell   buy on itunes
A Flock of Seagulls  This Used To Be My Playground   buy on itunes
Ofra Haza  Open Your Heart (Die Krupps Remix)   buy on itunes
Information Society  Express Yourself   buy on itunes
John Wesley Harding  Like a Prayer (Album Version)   buy on itunes
KMFDM  Material Girl   buy on itunes
Loop Guru  Cherish   buy on itunes
Chester  crazy for You   buy on itunes


Madonna's musical tentacles snake out not only across [i]genres[/i], but also across [i]generations[/i] — the only glue holding this playlist of Madonna covers together is the gravitational influence of an artist who pulls everything into her orbit. Kelly Osbourne's hard-rock, fuzz-drenched version of "Papa Don't Preach", recorded with Mike Einziger and Jose Pasillas from Incubus (and produced by brother Jack Osbourne), carries a bludgeon where A Flock of Seagulls' slightly sinister, retro-new wave take on "This Used to Be My Playground" prefers the scalpel. And whereas Jody Watley approaches "Borderline" from the cocktail lounge, Showoff comes at it from the skate-park. From Atom and His Package's synth-slathered take on "Open Your Heart" to worldbeat/techno fusion duo Loop Guru's off-centre cover of "Cherish", these tracks take liberties with — but never wholly elude — their source.
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