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CD | Theme - Depression
MP3 Playlist | Alternative - Indie Rock
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre

christians take acid, muslims take speed

Artist Song Buy
the undertones  teenage kicks  buy on itunes
modest mouse  never ending math equation  buy on itunes
sleater-kinney  all hands on the bad one  buy on itunes
robert pollard  maggie turns to flies  buy on itunes
prince  pussy control  buy on itunes
camper van beethoven  oh no!  buy on itunes
the meat puppets  backwater  buy on itunes
massive attack  angel  buy on itunes
mercury rev  tugboat captain  buy on itunes
wilco  hotel arizona  buy on itunes
lambchop  up with people (zero 7 remix)  buy on itunes
daniel johnston  speeding motorcycle  buy on itunes
frank black  los angeles  buy on itunes
sloan  the other man  buy on itunes
bedhead  half-thought  buy on itunes
super furry animals  run! christian run!  buy on itunes
add n to x  plug me in  buy on itunes
air  sexy boy  buy on itunes
the magnetic fields  all the umbrellas in london  buy on itunes
the dead milkmen  punk rock girl  buy on itunes
velvet underground  here she comes now  buy on itunes


a virtual plethora of purloined music, clocking in at just below 80 minutes (so it's fit to burn!)


Date: 9/17/2002
Great Frank Black, Wilco and Daniel Johnston songs.
Rob Conroy
Date: 9/17/2002
I love your title and almost all of these songs. Nice job.
Skills McPlenty
Date: 9/17/2002
i will bomb your counry my friend

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