in the poker game of life, woman are the rake

Side A
Artist Song Buy
otis redding  pain in my heart  buy on itunes
phil collins  i wish it would rain down  buy on itunes
the police   can't stand losing you  buy on itunes
van morrison  ain't no sunshine  buy on itunes
otis redding  i've got dreams to remember  buy on itunes
the breeders  do you Love me now?  buy on itunes
chicago  hard habit to break  buy on itunes
the beach boys  in my room  buy on itunes
chris isaak  don't leave me on my own  buy on itunes
the cure  pictures of you  buy on itunes
elvis  that's when you're heartache begins  buy on itunes
elvis  i want you, i need you, i Love you  buy on itunes
chris isaak  changed your mind  buy on itunes
Side B
fishbone  lyin' ass bitch  buy on itunes
honeymoon suite  new girl now  buy on itunes
joan jett  i hate myself for lovin' you  buy on itunes
guns n roses  locomotive  buy on itunes
megadeth  trust  buy on itunes
kaze 13  wisty/mendy(you fuckin' bitch)  buy on itunes
the ramones/joan jett  indian giver  buy on itunes
sam kinison  wild thing  buy on itunes
lords of acid  who do you think you are?  buy on itunes
bon jovi  you give Love a bad name  buy on itunes
i.c.p.  bitches  buy on itunes
everclear  you make me feel like a whore  buy on itunes
dope  nothing(why)  buy on itunes


my fiance just came home from school and told me she wants out. this tape is a reflection of the sorrow(side a) and the anger(side b). many a song didn't make this list 'cause i wanted 13 songs on each side. this was made with the help of a sick in the head individual named ryan who has a lot of anger(he's a red sox fan) and a ton of musical knowledge.(he's got nothin' better to do) of course neither do any of us on this site....


Date: 9/20/2002
Sorry to hear about the situation. Lotsa good songs on here to pacify yourself with.
Emily Stein
Date: 9/21/2002
Oh my, I'm so sorry. On the bright side, this is a wonderful mix, but I wonder if that can be much consolation.
Dougie Fresh
Date: 9/21/2002
Big sympathy your way, man. That said, brilliant picks here: Breeders, Cure (obvious, but necessary), Megadeth, Sam Kinison (brilliant pick outta nowhere).
Date: 10/15/2002
What do you mean, there's nothing to do besides hang around this site? There's Star Trek conventions, 1000-piece puzzles, and most of all, there's masturbation. Sorry about the reason regarding this mix.

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