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Cassette | Theme - Sleep
Cassette | Mixed Genre
image (black hair)

Side A
Artist Song Buy
collapsicon  monopop  buy on itunes
the mars volta  state your preference  buy on itunes
pretty girls make graves  if you hate your friends your not alone  buy on itunes
death in vegas  aisha  buy on itunes
fourth floor collapse  one last arrow  buy on itunes
cypher  isolation  buy on itunes
prop  solo trip  buy on itunes
dj shadow  organ donor  buy on itunes
elbow  asleep in the back  buy on itunes
the high llamas  evergreen vampo  buy on itunes
Side B
kings of convenience  the weight of my words  buy on itunes
black rebel motorcycle club  white palms  buy on itunes
felicity hunter  hardcore adore  buy on itunes
blood, sweat & tears  spinning wheel  buy on itunes
royksopp  so easy  buy on itunes
magic dirt  these drugs are really starting to fuck me over  buy on itunes
atari teenage riot  she sucks my soul away  buy on itunes
the velvet underground  the murder mystery  buy on itunes
grinspoon  tang  buy on itunes
the adverts  gary gilmore's eyes  buy on itunes


for a good friend of mine before he moved away...
image for mix


Date: 9/22/2002
Adverts, DIV, Shadow, Llamas... lovely! Your pictures look like my friend Sarah P!
Date: 9/22/2002
i've always tried to work in mars volta songs on my mixes but can't ever seem to get it right! i might steal that mars volta / pretty girls make graves transition someday. great work!
Date: 9/23/2002
looks good
Date: 9/23/2002
i like most of what i know but not all.
this girl has nice pictures
of her self

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