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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

dad said son, you're f--king high

Artist Song Buy
the simpsons  "maybe its the beer talking marge, but got a butt that won't quit..."  buy on itunes
BS2000  the scrappy  buy on itunes
stereolab  les yper-sound  buy on itunes
blur  parklife  buy on itunes
quasi  you fucked yourself  buy on itunes
fear of pop w/ william shatner  in love  buy on itunes
paul simon  me and julio down by the schoolyard  buy on itunes
stephen malkmus  phantasies  buy on itunes
the rolling stones  cool, calm, collected  buy on itunes
vince guaraldi trio  christmas time is here  buy on itunes
the flaming lips  she don't use jelly  buy on itunes
"willy wonka" soundtrack  pure imagination  buy on itunes
cake  stickshifts and safetybelts  buy on itunes
christopher walken from SNL  "i got a fever...and the only prescription, is more cowbell!"  buy on itunes
blue oyster cult  don't fear the reaper  buy on itunes
lou reed  this magic moment  buy on itunes
bare jr.  soggy daisy  buy on itunes
the simpsons  "the sounds of grandpa"  buy on itunes
leonard nimoy  ballad of bilbo baggins  buy on itunes
the shins  know your onion!  buy on itunes
ben folds five  army  buy on itunes
the new pornographers  letter from an occupant  buy on itunes
the magnetic fields  how fucking romantic  buy on itunes
dub narcotic sound system  teenage time bomb  buy on itunes
geto boys  damn it feels good to be a gangsta  buy on itunes
from "the simpsons"  "i'm troy mcclure, and now leave you with what we all came to see, hardcore nudity!"  buy on itunes
the moldy peaches  downloading porn with davo  buy on itunes
maceo and the macks  cross the tracks  buy on itunes


i think i've blown a fuse, this mix is quite nuts. but oh how i love it. it's fun.


Date: 9/25/2002
Hot diggity damn! This sounds fan-fucking-tastic.
Date: 9/26/2002
bro, fear of pop and william shatner?? no way! i love this mix like i love my family. a lot.
Date: 9/26/2002
hee! this looks insanely fun.
J Rock
Date: 9/26/2002
christopher walken makes any mix ten times better.
Date: 9/26/2002
this is damn sweet.
Date: 10/1/2002
you are my hero. cowbell and stephen malkmus and ben folds five and the moldy peaches in one mix?! genius.
abigail dice
Date: 10/2/2002
okay, I want this. NOW! hehe. this is so stellar!! :)
Date: 10/3/2002
please say you'll trade... genius!
Date: 3/15/2003

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