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Ohayou gozaimasu ~ Get yo' ass up mix!

Artist Song Buy
Dance Dance Revolution - Disney's Rave  The Electrical Parade  buy on itunes
Dance Dance Revolution  The Never Ending Story Theme  buy on itunes
Sharon Apple  Information High  buy on itunes
Dir En Grey  Keroido Milk  buy on itunes
Tahiti 80  A Love from Outer Space  buy on itunes
Hikaru Utada  First Love (dance remix)  buy on itunes
Ian O'Brien  Piano Black (remix)  buy on itunes
Guniw Tools  Equal in Vain  buy on itunes
Course of Nature  Caught in the Sun  buy on itunes
garbage  Androgeny  buy on itunes
Dance Dance Revolution  Butterfly (upswing mix)  buy on itunes
Pet Shop Boys  Can You Forgive Her?  buy on itunes
Five for Fighting  Easy Tonight  buy on itunes
Akino Arai  Moonlight Anthem  buy on itunes
Shakka Zombie  Shiroi Yami no Naka  buy on itunes


Some are repeats, but all get me moving in the morning, which is rather hard! Yay for music that I dig!


datenshi blue
Date: 10/6/2002
Dir En Grey! I didn't think other people listened to them. This mix is coooool.
Date: 10/6/2002
i took a year of japanese in junior high and the only thing i remember how to say is this: 'ohayou gozaimasu, mine-san genkides ka?'
Phunky Phil
Date: 10/6/2002
DDR is rad, as is Hikaru Utada.
Date: 7/29/2003
Just found this mix... Months after it's been posted... Would you like to trade?
Date: 7/29/2003
Sure thing! I'll just poke around your mixes if that's cool! *^_^*

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