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Children's Classical Music

Artist Song Buy
London Philharmonic Orchestra  Flight of the Bumble Bee   buy on itunes
Goteborgs Musiken  Entry of the Gladiators, Op. 68, "Triumph March"   buy on itunes
St. Petersburg New Philharmonia Orchestra & Alexander Titov  The Ride of the Valkyries   buy on itunes
François-Joël Thiollier  Children's Corner Suite: III. Golliwog's Cakewalk   buy on itunes
Johann Strauss Orchestra  Can-Can   buy on itunes
Goteborgs Musiken  Liberty Bell   buy on itunes
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  Barnacle Bill (Blue Peter)   buy on itunes
Vladimir Shakin, Eteri Lamoris & Madina Venger  Cat Duet   buy on itunes
Eteri Andjaparidze  Kitten on the Keys   buy on itunes
Barry Wordsworth & London Symphony Orchestra  Carnival of the Animals: VII. Aquarium   buy on itunes


Get 'em cultured-up early: that's our motto. Introducing your kids to the world's greatest classical composers needn't be half as daunting as it sounds, if you know which pieces to choose, and that's precisely the point of these Essentials. Take Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries", which opens Act III of [i]Die Walküre[/i], and is arguably best enjoyed with arms outstretched in imitation of an aeroplane, running as fast a possible while blowing an engine-noise raspberry. Or Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumble Bee" which so closely matches the sound of the insect in question, it's a cast-iron source of delight. Need something a little more dainty? How about the famous pizzicato from Delibes' ballet, [i]Sylvia[/i]. Holst will get your young 'uns interested in the heavens, in Next Steps.
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