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CD | Theme - Sleep

Indie Rock Deliciousness!

Artist Song Buy
Sebadoah  Flame  buy on itunes
American Analog Set  The Only One  buy on itunes
Guided By Voices  Everywhere With Helicopter  buy on itunes
Elf Power  The Winter Is Coming  buy on itunes
The Mendoza Line  Everything We Used To Be  buy on itunes
Pixies  Is She Weird?  buy on itunes
Yo La Tengo  Autumn Sweater  buy on itunes
Hefner  The Hymn For Cigarettes  buy on itunes
Death Cab For Cutie  Photobooth  buy on itunes
Sonic Youth  Sugar Kane  buy on itunes
The White Stripes  Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground  buy on itunes
Apples in Stereo  The Benefits of Lying With Your Friends  buy on itunes
Pavement  Shady Lane  buy on itunes
Belle and Sebastian  If You're Feeling Sinister  buy on itunes
Modest Mouse  Gravity Rides Everything  buy on itunes
Neutral Milk Hotel  Oh Comely  buy on itunes


Kind of a beginner's guide to some (primarily) Indie Rock stuff, I made it for a good friend of mine who's way too into Nickelback for his own good.
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Date: 10/15/2002
good choices. the covers nice too.
abigail dice
Date: 10/15/2002
no nickelback! hehe. this will surely help. nice mix.
Pierre de la Salle
Date: 10/15/2002
c'est un digne mTlange! comme les huetres de cerclage qui rFgnent les planFtes de l'univers, apportant leurs livres a et des jours d'Tcole de vieux, il sonne hors de croquant et de frais. AssurTment un gagnant professionnel des champs. Le morceau de rTsistance!

Date: 10/16/2002
Nickelback? You mean Nothing Back! Puddle Of Mudd? More like Puddle Of Crudd! This looks like a good primer to get your friend out of that rut that their in.
Date: 10/16/2002
with hefner, the pixies and pavement how could you fail to win over anyone? even a nickelback fan couldn't possibly resist!
Date: 10/16/2002
Very nice. Autumn Sweater rules.
Chocolatey Goodness
Date: 10/16/2002
very nice...good intro for someone who could use a genre adjustment Nickleback Bah give me anyone on this tape anyday
Date: 10/18/2002

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