windmills that look like warriors and barbed wire fences (part 1)

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foundations  now that i've found you   buy on itunes
air  ce matin la  buy on itunes
ash  sometimes  buy on itunes
a-ha  take on me  buy on itunes
belle and sebastian  my wandering days are over  buy on itunes
beulah  waiting for sunset  buy on itunes
elliott smith  waltz #2  buy on itunes
blondie  the tide is high  buy on itunes
jets to brazil  starry configurations  buy on itunes
king crimson  moonchild  buy on itunes
mates of state  everyone needs an editor  buy on itunes
blind melon  no rain  buy on itunes
the rentals  keep sleeping  buy on itunes
death cab for cutie  hindsight  buy on itunes
the cure  just like heaven  buy on itunes
the juliana theory  top of the world  buy on itunes
the prom the boat  buy on itunes
cornelius  ape shall never kill ape  buy on itunes
dashboard confessional  again i go unnoticed  buy on itunes


first, let me say that i made this last spring for a guy who didn't understand the power of the mixed cd/tape/etc...needless to say, we are no longer together. in any case, i know some people hate it when you put more than one song on by the same artist, but i just couldn't resist...especially as this is just one of three cds. the guy i made this for had more mainstream tastes which i felt i had to appease (hence the dashboard confessional...ick!), but i managed to sneak a few of my indie faves on, too (mates of state)! i know that some songs on this aren't that romantic, but check out the other two discs in this series...


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Date: 10/16/2002
i like this a lot!

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