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The Best of Eminem

Artist Song Buy
Eminem  My Name Is  buy on itunes
Eminem  Guilty Conscience  buy on itunes
Eminem  Cum on Everybody  buy on itunes
Eminem  Rock Bottom  buy on itunes
Eminem  Just Don't Give a Fuck  buy on itunes
Eminem  As the World Turns  buy on itunes
Eminem  I'm Shady  buy on itunes
Eminem  Still Don't Give a Fuck  buy on itunes
Eminem  Stan  buy on itunes
Eminem  The Way I Am  buy on itunes
Eminem  The Real Slim Shady  buy on itunes
Eminem  Drug Ballad  buy on itunes
D12  Under the Influence  buy on itunes
Eminem  Criminal  buy on itunes
Eminem  White America  buy on itunes
Eminem  Business  buy on itunes
Eminem  Without Me  buy on itunes
Eminem  Sing For the Moment  buy on itunes
Eminem  Hailie's Song  buy on itunes
D12  When the Music Stops  buy on itunes


Heavy and aggressive shortening used to squeeze songs onto one CD.

New notes:
I probably should've taken out "As the World Turns" and "I'm Shady" for others. Although I don't know what I would put in place and/or what would would fit in. "'Till I Collapse" probably, but it could be safely shortened to only 4:15, that's a long track. "Kill You", "Marshall Mathers", and "Square Dance" are not the "Best of Eminem" and as for "My Dad's Gone Crazy", listening to Hayley Mathers or whatever her last name is makes me go crazy. "Lose Yourself" came out after I made this mix, and if it didn't I probably wouldn't put it on it anyways. I was focusing on his own albums, if not then "Purple Pills" would have been on there. So all those who tell me about how I should have put this track and this track on there and stuff: you know you can make your own. Go ahead and buy all of Eminem's CDs and a sound editor and try to fit as many songs on a CD as I did, it's not easy.


Eugene Blaylock
Date: 10/21/2002
his new song should be on their. it's really good. it's called lose yourself.
Date: 10/21/2002
THis is pretty good although I hate his new shit.
Something Different
Date: 10/21/2002
I dont like Eminem too much but Without Me def. shouldn't be on any mix, or The Real Slim Shady.
Date: 10/21/2002
not bad, though "Kill You," "Marshall Mathers," "Square Dance," "My Dad's Gone Crazy" and a few others are sorely missed.
Date: 12/7/2002
looks nice, but "till i collapse" should fit on...
I Know My Music
Date: 3/17/2004
these people are not very intelligent if they think putting eminems new shit on here will improve this. this is a good mix with all of his best songs. conor is stupid, those are his new age hits that arent as genuine as these ones. those who want the new hits on here should shoot themselves because they dont know what the purpose of this mix was, go back to the bandwagon kids!
Date: 1/25/2008
Nice. And a hearty lol directed toward people like I Know My Music. I like his old and new stuff.

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