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Still Bewitching Me After All These Years

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The Green Pajamas  Rattlesnake Kiss  buy on itunes
She's Still Bewitching Me  buy on itunes
Kim The Waitress  buy on itunes
Graduation Day  buy on itunes
Matilda  buy on itunes
I Remember Love  buy on itunes
Death By Poisoning  buy on itunes
Secret Day  buy on itunes
When She Comes  buy on itunes
The Ravenna Witch  buy on itunes
Just a Breath Away  buy on itunes
Emily Grace  buy on itunes
Queen of Sunshine  buy on itunes
If I Lived in a Picture  buy on itunes
Doctor Dragonfly  buy on itunes
My Visit With Magpie  buy on itunes
French to Japanese  buy on itunes
Song for Christmas  buy on itunes
The Thousand Days  buy on itunes
If Tomorrow Comes  buy on itunes
Deep Blue Afternoon  buy on itunes


One of the best single-artist mixes I've assembled, from what is no doubt among the greatest bands you've probably never heard. The Green Pajamas are a Seattle-based jangly-psychedelia band quietly releasing albums for over 15 years. Their albums are varied (and inconsistent), ranging from Revolver-era Beatlesque pop (think Apples in Stereo) to Paisley-underground retro psychedlia (think Rain Parade) to buzzing shoegazer rave music (think the Stone Roses or Ride). Such music has a tendency to get dull and/or repetitive over the course of an album, but cull the best tracks from numerous albums and you're getting damn close to earcandy nirvana.
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Date: 10/22/2002
I've been curious about that band lately. Sounds really really nice.
Date: 10/22/2002
Date: 10/22/2002
I've heard good things about them but have never heard them. I'll have to check them out.
popkulcher (Marc Fagel)
Date: 10/22/2002
If you're looking to check the band out: Having spent the past week deeply immersed in their back catalog (much of which is hard to find in the US), I'd highly recommend All Clues Lead To Meagan's Bed as their strongest, most cohesive album. The collection of early singles Indian Winter is also great (but hard to find).
Date: 10/22/2002
I always loved this band and was amazed how they slipped thru the cracks and few people discovered them. I always enjoyed the songwriting of Jeff Kelly. Great stuff.
Date: 10/23/2002
I've been waiting for someone to come along and do a single artist mix of these guys. I'd really like to get a copy of this some day...Cool cover too!
Sean Lally
Date: 10/23/2002
Fantastic! Great, great band. I'd love to trade for this - my fave track, and one which will be on an upcoming mix, is "Peppermint Stick".
popkulcher (Marc Fagel)
Date: 10/24/2002
Yeah, Peppermint Stick was one of the tracks I ripped but couldn't squeeze onto the disc.
Rob Conroy
Date: 11/12/2002
I like these guys pretty well... but I always thought they sounded like a slightly less interesting version of Rain Parade (not that that, in itself, is a *bad* thing). I'm sure it'd be great to get a single-artist mix of theirs, though.
Date: 11/19/2002
I am a convert..! Top o' my list of "things I'd like for Winter Solstice" is a pair of Green Pajamas.., I have the official soundtrack for wearing them..! Not at all sure I agree with the Rain Parade comparison.....

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