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CD | Mixed Genre

The Page Before

Artist Song Buy
billy bragg & wilco  california stars  buy on itunes
counting crows  omaha  buy on itunes
ryan adams  dear chicago  buy on itunes
tracy chapman  at this point in my life  buy on itunes
aimee mann  save me  buy on itunes
bono & corrs  stars go blue  buy on itunes
green day  time of your life  buy on itunes
gnr  patience  buy on itunes
norah jones  don't know why  buy on itunes
rolling stones  waiting on a friend  buy on itunes
willie nelson  blue eyes cryin in the rain  buy on itunes
stevie nicks/sheryl crow  if you ever did believe  buy on itunes
ani difranco  both hands  buy on itunes
k's choice  not an addict  buy on itunes
dixie chicks  wide open spaces  buy on itunes
  LA song  buy on itunes
phantom planet  california  buy on itunes


can i tell ya how many times i've "turned the page" in my life...

i started out mading this mix for a friend who is going through a rough time right now in a relationship...i doubt that i give it to her...b/c now i see how it really has turned out to be more of a musical journal of my past...i think it is a little too much to give to her...i want her to feel better not worse....

regardless, i am going to keep this mix for myself and maybe give it to her on down the road...once she is ready to look at the page she was on before....

i can't remember the name of the woman who sang LA song...if you know please drop me a clue...
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Dana Hallgren
Date: 10/23/2002
what a great mix...would you be interested in a trade?
Date: 10/24/2002
nice mix. great counting crows track too.
Tara Beth
Date: 10/24/2002
yeah dana...drop me an email and i will get your address
Date: 2/26/2003
lovely music.,

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