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Greasy Songs

Side A
Artist Song Buy
John Trubee  Blind Man's Penis  buy on itunes
Ralph Lowe  Las Vegas  buy on itunes
The Melodiers  Barbra  buy on itunes
W.H. Horning  Rockin' And Rollin'  buy on itunes
Unknown  The King (a tune about Clark Gable)  buy on itunes
Sue Lloyd and William O'Donnell  The Ballad of Patty Hearst (Listen To Tania)  buy on itunes
Matt Vincent  Bo Derek On My Mind  buy on itunes
Kay Weaver  Wish I Could Shoot A Gun  buy on itunes
Lee Scott  Generation Gap  buy on itunes
Kay Weaver  Junkies And Monkeys  buy on itunes
Joe Freeman  My Nana  buy on itunes
Dick Kent  On Blackness  buy on itunes
Bonnie Haven  Total Woman  buy on itunes
Bob Gerard  Joedy Is A Wise Guy  buy on itunes
William LeBlanc  The Green Mandala  buy on itunes
Tony Rogers  Her Name's On My Locket  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
Side B
The Real Pros  In Love With Elvis  buy on itunes
Sonny Cash  Psychic Cigarette  buy on itunes
Rodd Keith  The Ballad of Juan Rio  buy on itunes
Rod Rogers  It's Shindig  buy on itunes
Ralph Lowe   The King Lives On  buy on itunes
Prof. Marcell Collegians  Be No Fool, Play It Cool, Stay In School  buy on itunes
Matt Vincent  Sky Diver's Lament  buy on itunes
Mary Kaye  I Don't Want A Bracelet Or Diamonds, I Just Want Elvis Instead  buy on itunes
Kay Weaver  Ripoff U.S.A.  buy on itunes
Ralph Lowe  Funk With Us  buy on itunes
Joe Freeman  Are You Giving Green Stamps, Baby?  buy on itunes
John Fulker  An Unpredictable Girl Like Julia  buy on itunes
Chuck Jones and The Links  Sputnik Hit The Moon  buy on itunes
Ralph Lowe  Munchikins  buy on itunes
Gene Marshall  The Amazing Helicopters  buy on itunes
Dick Kent  Pucker Up  buy on itunes
Dick Kent  George's Song  buy on itunes


This is actually a CD mix, but is split into two "sides", due to the large number of tracks included (plus you can't use "side 2" when submitting a CD mix - blah). This is a bizarre collection of "song poems" recorded by mostly no-name talents. The songs were submitted by everyday folks answering those classic "Songs - Poems Wanted" ads in the back of magazines. "Blind Man's Penis" is the most (in)famous one of the bunch. The songs are every bit as groovy and greasy as their titles would suggest. Lots of fun to listen to. "My Nana" is a complete ripoff of Neil Diamond's "Cherry, Cherry" musically and doesn't even try to hide it. Even the singer tries to sound like Neil. Hilarious weirdness a-plenty.


Sean Lally
Date: 11/14/2002
I would LOVE to hear this collection. Let me know if you'd like to trade for it, especially being a big fan of the John Trubee track.
Date: 11/14/2002
i would like to hear it as well! sounds fun and wonderful.

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