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Greasy Songs 2 - More Groovy Greasies

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Billy Grey  Let's Really Rock  buy on itunes
Bobbi Blake  The Yo-Yo  buy on itunes
Bonnie and Nita  Dance With Me  buy on itunes
Bob Brown with Orchestra  Let's Twist  buy on itunes
Cara Stewart with Lee Hudson Orchestra  Any Dance, Any Dance  buy on itunes
Cathy Mills  Monster Hop  buy on itunes
Gene Marshall  Dig, Dig Girl  buy on itunes
Jim Hall and The Radio Pals  Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Potassium  buy on itunes
John Fulker  She Knows How To Do The Doo Dee Do  buy on itunes
Norm Burns and The Five Stars  Whirl, Whirl, Whirl  buy on itunes
Norris The Troubadour  Yamtang Yamtang Rankytang  buy on itunes
Ralph Lowe  Joe Goes Disco  buy on itunes
Rodd Keith  Get Down And Wiggle It A Little  buy on itunes
Sonny Marshall  I'm Sam The Handy Man  buy on itunes
Sy  Toot D-K-O  buy on itunes
The Real Pros  Deep Freeze Mama  buy on itunes
Side B
Therese Playboys and Singing Sammy Marshall  Jingle Mint Twist  buy on itunes
William LeBlanc  A Long Walk Home  buy on itunes
Ralph Lowe  The Fights  buy on itunes
Mel Moore  Speed  buy on itunes
Matt Vincent  Whiskey Friend  buy on itunes
Lina Lane  Tribute To America  buy on itunes
Ralph Lowe  Of The U.S.A.  buy on itunes
Sonny Marshall  South Bend, Indiana  buy on itunes
Kay Weaver  The Gasoline Engine  buy on itunes
Dick Kent  Christopher Columbus and the Compass  buy on itunes
Kay Weaver  Strip Mining Blues  buy on itunes
Lee Scott  Moonlight Rocket From The U.S.A.  buy on itunes
Ralph Lowe  Thank You, Mr. Seward  buy on itunes
Gary Roberts and The Satellites  You Need Time  buy on itunes
Ben Tate  Betty Sue  buy on itunes
Ralph Lowe  The Crime Shows  buy on itunes


32 more greasy song poems! This one features a bevy of "dance" tunes, as well as more topical tracks such as "The Gasoline Engine", "South Bend, Indiana", and "The Crime Shows". See, this is exactly what happens when people who think they can write good songs actually get the chance to have one recorded. It's kind of like, only the songs are recorded by "professionals". It's exactly like that site in that the overall songwriting quality is no better. :)


Sean Lally
Date: 11/14/2002
Date: 11/14/2002

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