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Greasy Songs 3 - Greasiest Greasies

Side A
Artist Song Buy
The Sophamores  Mama Wears The Pants  buy on itunes
Rodd Keith  Gloria  buy on itunes
Rod Rogers  Beat of the Traps  buy on itunes
Ralph Lowe  The Lottery Freak  buy on itunes
Norman Burns  Checker's Blues  buy on itunes
Matt Vincent  Heading Out Of This World  buy on itunes
Linda Lane  A New Kind of Letter  buy on itunes
Lee Scott  Blue Jean Stringbean  buy on itunes
Kay Weaver  Sleep On  buy on itunes
Joe Stanton  A Has Been  buy on itunes
Jim Wheeler  What I Like  buy on itunes
Jim Reid  Evening Time  buy on itunes
Jim Ward  Working Chant of a Woman  buy on itunes
Jack Kim  Lady Off Pedestal At Notre Dame  buy on itunes
Gene Marshall  Nurse, Nurse  buy on itunes
Gary Roberts  What I Am, You Know  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
Side B
Dick Rogers  I Wouldn't Hide The Moulding Rock  buy on itunes
Dick Kent  Five Feet Nine And A Half Inches Tall  buy on itunes
Charlie Clark  America's Love Carrier  buy on itunes
Charles Vickers  Come On, Baby  buy on itunes
Bonnie Graham  Train of Destiny  buy on itunes
Bobbi Blake  My Husband, Lover, Friend  buy on itunes
Billy Grey  What Love Is All About  buy on itunes
Bill Joy  Livin' In Sin  buy on itunes
Unknown  Temptaions and Desires  buy on itunes
Unknown  Jesus The King Of The Jews  buy on itunes
Unknown  My Glory Ladder  buy on itunes
Unknown  It's Not The World It's What's In The World  buy on itunes
Unknown  I Am Going To Where Jesus Is  buy on itunes
Unknown  Daddy Don't You Love Us Anymore?  buy on itunes
Rodd Keith  Get Wet  buy on itunes
Ralph Lowe  Pretty Girl With The Natural Look  buy on itunes
Norris The Troubadour Collegians  The Wall Street Daily Cry  buy on itunes
Jim Reid  Evening Time (reprise)  buy on itunes


The third and final installment of Greasy Songs. Some really odd garbage here, including "I Wouldn't Hide The Moulding Rock", and the jazzbo/faux stream of consciousness groove of "Beat Of The Traps". What to make of a song called "Lady Off Pedestal At Notre Dame"? "Heading Out Of This World" is a touching song about a guy who shot another man because he didn't like his tie and is now facing the electric chair. It all culminates on the second half with some really bad religious tripe and the tear-jerking "Daddy Don't You Love Us Anymore?" before going back into the toilet with "Get Wet" and the surreal "Wall Street Daily Cry". Sexy and sensitive. What more could you want?


joey de vivre
Date: 11/14/2002
Incredibly strangely way out beyond the pale!
Would I be a masochist for asking to trade for this whole triple-greasy set?
Date: 11/14/2002
Sweet Georgia Brown! What a fantasticly strange mix. I love it.In fact the whole damn series looks pretty astounding.
Date: 11/14/2002's certainly a strange trip to make your way through all 3 discs...and each of them come as close to the full 80 minute mark as possible.
Date: 11/14/2002
Shem, if you want to trade this series,......GREAT STUFF!

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