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its a bad day. but my music fixes that.

Artist Song Buy
iggy pop  lust for life  buy on itunes
real big fish  why do all the skinny girls think they are fat.  buy on itunes
alkaline trio  nose over tail  buy on itunes
south park the movie  kyles mom's a big fat bitch  buy on itunes
the storkes  last night  buy on itunes
ani difranco  out of habbit  buy on itunes
rilo kiley  always  buy on itunes
salt n pepper  shoop  buy on itunes
foo fighters  monkey rench  buy on itunes
weezer   el sorcho  buy on itunes
ren and stimpy  happy happy joy joy  buy on itunes
jurasic 5   concreat school yard  buy on itunes
beatles  all together now  buy on itunes


i live in the beach town. tons of people from out of town are here right now. i went to go get my veggy burrito.. yeah it took me 20 mins walking and its like 2 blocks away. but i had this mix cd.. and i just kept laughing because it made me feel kinda insane that i was even going through with it. i just dont like people from out of town.. its a hsppy insane mix.


Date: 11/23/2002
Happy Happy Joy Joy = A++

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