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sing to the swallows, seaswimmer

Side A
Artist Song Buy
fridge   cut up piano and xylophone  buy on itunes
wauvenfold  clip  buy on itunes
minotaur shock  local violin shop  buy on itunes
american analogue set  magnificent seventies  buy on itunes
astrobotnia  lightworks  buy on itunes
mum   we have a map of the piano  buy on itunes
kim hiorthoy  forskjellige gode ting  buy on itunes
the remote viewer  we found sound  buy on itunes
arovane   deauville  buy on itunes
Side B
hermann & kleine  hello   buy on itunes
julie doiron  i broke his heart  buy on itunes
christian kleine  bitter things  buy on itunes
the kingsbury manx  pageant square  buy on itunes
belle and sebastian  ease your feet into the sea  buy on itunes
stereolab  diagonals  buy on itunes
bjork   sun in my mouth  buy on itunes
the dirty three  the restless waves  buy on itunes
phonem  bitstream  buy on itunes


a mix i particularly love; i instituted some new technologies on this one, used some cd turntables to let the songs flow together, an added challenge, but worth it for sure.side b, a little bit different, but works in my opinion, hope trixie digs.


james porter
Date: 11/27/2002
loveliness! (though i am vaugley wary of CD turntables, but maybe that's because i am a recorded media snob...)
Date: 11/28/2002
this is great.
Date: 1/2/2003
devon. thanks for following my eating habits in china. though not as taste-expanding, you should check out my new site (

beautiful melange. can i put in a request for a devotron mix cd?

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