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The Acorn

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The Acorn  Dents   buy on itunes
The Acorn  Glory (1st Version)   buy on itunes
The Acorn  Brokered Heart   buy on itunes
The Acorn  Heirlooms   buy on itunes
The Acorn  Maple Bees   buy on itunes


Thanks in part to a 2009 tour slot with Elbow, as well as Guy Garvey's glowing endorsement of [i]Glory Hope Mountain[/i], and their own unquestionable originality, Canada's the Acorn saw their star rise in the U.K. as the Zeroes drew to a close. If intriguing, beautifully constructed early tracks like "The Pink Ghosts" (2004) and "Plates & Saucers" (2005) — recorded at a time when the band was basically a one-man recording project overseen by Rolf Klausener — blinked at us from the margins, then concept release [i]Glory Hope Mountain[/i] (2007) placed the outfit front and centre in the indie-folk firmament. An impressionistic canvas exploring the life of Klausener's mother, the record enchanted and captivated with the likes of "Crooked Legs." 2010's [i]No Ghost[/i] was conceived in a Quebec cottage and completed in a Montreal heat-wave — in common with the work of 20th century wood engraver Paul Landacre, the album takes a modern approach to rusticity, as the various elements woven i
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