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better than nytol 2 (extra strength)

Artist Song Buy
Pink Floyd  Pigs on the Wing Pt. 1  buy on itunes
R.E.M.  Star Me Kitten  buy on itunes
Seven Mary Three  Roderigo  buy on itunes
Murray Attaway  Allegory  buy on itunes
Alice in Chains  Whale and Wasp  buy on itunes
Neil Young  Pocahantas  buy on itunes
Aimee Mann  Wise Up  buy on itunes
Counting Crows  Have You Seen Me Lately? (Storytellers Version)  buy on itunes
J. Ralph  One Million Miles Away  buy on itunes
Desiderata  Slow  buy on itunes
Dryve  Stay  buy on itunes
Frente!  Girl  buy on itunes
Enya  Final Fantasy 2 World Theme  buy on itunes
Jars of Clay  Worlds Apart  buy on itunes
Porno for Pyros  Bali Eyes  buy on itunes
Toad the Wet Sprocket  Walk on the Ocean  buy on itunes
Sigur Ros  ( ) Track 4  buy on itunes
Pink Floyd  Pigs on the Wing Pt. 2  buy on itunes


I like these pretty songs. There was a mix titled "if i could be anything i'd be a cloud" by Sarach. That title made me want to hear these songs.
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Date: 12/19/2002
Ooohh! This makes me so happy... *smile*
And sure...I'd love to trade...

I just don't really know how to go about it...

email me...
Date: 12/19/2002
Yeah! jars of clay! Thats pretty cool. I don't often see them around.
Date: 12/23/2002
I'm with Meghan...thats a great great Jars song! I had some problems this week and will barely be sending out your mix tomorrow. I'm really sorry bout that....but your ptl mix is now the standard in my car!

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