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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Depression
MP3 Playlist | Alternative - Indie Rock
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre

A Mix (Featuring Songs)

Artist Song Buy
mission of burma  that's how i escaped my certain fate  buy on itunes
grandaddy  summer here kids  buy on itunes
smog  dress sexy at my funeral  buy on itunes
mott the hoople  sweet angeline  buy on itunes
kinks  have a cuppa tea  buy on itunes
beulah  disco- the secretary's blues  buy on itunes
macha  until your temples are throbbing  buy on itunes
super furry animals  run! christian run!  buy on itunes
big star  what's going awn?  buy on itunes
cracker  kerosene hat  buy on itunes
us maple  ma, digital  buy on itunes
dismemberment plan  automatic  buy on itunes
flaming lips  feeling yourself disintergrate  buy on itunes
stereolab  prisoner of mars  buy on itunes
lambchop  up with people (zero 7 remix)  buy on itunes
mercury rev  delta sun bottleneck stomp  buy on itunes
of montreal  let's do everything for the first time forever  buy on itunes
je suis france  prussia  buy on itunes
they might be giants  we've got a world that swings  buy on itunes


a mix for my friend jenny (who is now on the website. yay!)


Date: 12/20/2002
This look's good. Love the title and the inclusion of Cracker!

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