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tonight's the night

Artist Song Buy
taint   rosebud  buy on itunes
navicon torture technologies  scumbag passion  buy on itunes
the grey wolves  through constant decay  buy on itunes
unter null  a55fvckers, inc. [sodomight! remix by navicon torture technologies]  buy on itunes
con-dom  porn exchange  buy on itunes
skin crime  you're a fucking pig  buy on itunes
taint  gutteral pleasures  buy on itunes
slogun  sink  buy on itunes
coil  a cold cell  buy on itunes


This is purely fetish noise I streamed together on one supremely sexy red and black slipcase cd-r. You probably don't want to hear of what it was used for. In fact, the addition of 'A Cold Cell' [being non-noise compared to the harshness of the rest] was very necessary for soul cleansing. The cd-r, now being soiled, I am shipping off to an ex-lover with no track list and no explanations. I think I will slip it into an empty [but unwashed] packet of those sickly bologna slices and tape it shut with duct tape, that should prove annoying and stinky; I know his curiosity will not fail me. The *only* track on here that was originally an mp3 is the Unter Null remix, and that is only because it can't be found elsewhere [as of yet], everything else is straight from source, blended by mixer, forced through the symphonic chamber, and blasted out through the stratosphere. oooOOooo.


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