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Other Mixes By Royce

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CD | Mixed Genre


Side A
Artist Song Buy
olivia tremor control  the princess turns the key to cubist castle (1995)  buy on itunes
bikeride  carl wilson suite (1999)  buy on itunes
mark bacino  diggin' that girl (1998)  buy on itunes
the zombies  if it don't work out (1968)  buy on itunes
the springfields  perfect day (1985)  buy on itunes
dreams so real  (maybe I'll go)today (1986)  buy on itunes
high llamas  pilgrims (1996)  buy on itunes
the millenium  to claudia on a thursday (1968)  buy on itunes
go-betweens  people say (1979)  buy on itunes
five americans  sound of love (1967)  buy on itunes
jeff kelly  a year and a day (1995)  buy on itunes
paul bevoir  living in a different world (1985)  buy on itunes
supergrass  alright (1994)  buy on itunes
the orange peels  on the way to somewhere (1997)  buy on itunes
the hollies  when your light turned on (1967)  buy on itunes
of montreal  fun loving nun (1999)  buy on itunes
Side B
pop art toasters  what am i going to do? (1994)  buy on itunes
peanut butter conspiracy  you should know (1967)  buy on itunes
the witch hazel sound  fontaine (1998)  buy on itunes
the cynics  a basket of flowers (1988)  buy on itunes
martin newell  miss van houten's coffee shoppe (1994)  buy on itunes
jan and dean  here comes the rain (1966)  buy on itunes
ladybug transistor   massachussetts (1998)  buy on itunes
pretty things  she says good morning (1968)  buy on itunes
jumbo  brighten up (1999)  buy on itunes
orange alabaster mushroom  the slug (1999)  buy on itunes
loveletter  apples (1999)  buy on itunes
soft boys  positive vibrations (1980)  buy on itunes
june & the exit wounds  let's shack up together (1999)  buy on itunes
the gants  spoonful of sugar (1967)  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
    buy on itunes


More resurrected relics and paisley-shirted imposters. With a nod to the more obscure artists participating in the 60s vibe renaissance, obvious ommissions include guided by voices, recent mercury rev, maybe blur, and others i'm sure. send suggestions for the third volume in the series tentatively entitled: Go Outside and Play like the Hippies and the Mods, You Record Collecting Geek.


paul bevoir
Date: 10/11/2001
Great choices, although not sure about that 'Living In A Different World' track!
Date: 1/22/2002
I know you haven't posted on this site in ages, but do you still have a copy of this floating around? I'd love to trade for it. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!

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