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happy to nap: a critical analysis of radical economics...

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aphex twin  selected ambient works  buy on itunes
1 mile north  lifemix  buy on itunes
stars of the lid  requiem for dying mothers  buy on itunes
hilmar orn hilmarsson with sigur ros  fers  buy on itunes
lanterna  greek island  buy on itunes
labradford  wien  buy on itunes
dan abrams  grammar  buy on itunes
tim hecker  october part 1  buy on itunes
tim hecker  october part 2  buy on itunes
keith fullerton whitman  FIBO1A  buy on itunes
radiohead  treefingers  buy on itunes
stars of the lid  where do children go?  buy on itunes
windy & carl  set adrift  buy on itunes
cocteau twins  oomingmak  buy on itunes


i can't take credit for this one, but i wanted to post it. it was sent to me as a gift. i can hardly make it through the first four songs without falling asleep. it's very useful and relaxing.


Date: 12/29/2002
Hi, do you happen to know a song of Ambience/Techno origin that has a lyic that says "just be glad to be here" or something like that? It was featured on an episode of CSI Miami and I've been going crazy looking for it. Thanks for the help.
june seventeen
Date: 12/29/2002
this sounds really nice indeed, although yes, VERY sleep inducing. mmm stars of the lid. lovely.
Date: 12/29/2002
I think this is mighty fine.
Date: 12/31/2002
Hey this is a mighty fine mix. Oh wait, it should be. I made it.
Happy to nap pt. 2 coming soon.

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