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The Words Right Out Of My Mouth.....Put To Music.

Artist Song Buy
Better THan Ezra  At The Stars  buy on itunes
Allison Krauss  When You Say Nothing At All  buy on itunes
Bon Jovi  Misunderstood  buy on itunes
Flickerstick  Beautiful  buy on itunes
Bruce Springsteen  I'm On Fire  buy on itunes
Dave Matthews Band  I'll Back You Up  buy on itunes
Jimmy Eat World  For Me This Is Heaven  buy on itunes
Our Lady Peace  Thief  buy on itunes
Joey Ramone  What A Wonderful World  buy on itunes
Reel Big Fish  Take On Me  buy on itunes
Pink Floyd  Wish You Were Here  buy on itunes
Smashing Pumpkins  Dancing In The Moonlight  buy on itunes
The Ataris  IOU One Galaxy  buy on itunes
Green Day  Church On Sunday  buy on itunes
Something Corporate  Hurricane  buy on itunes
The All American Rejects  My Paper Heart  buy on itunes
The Pixies  Where Is My Mind  buy on itunes
Lifehouse  Spin  buy on itunes
Stabbing Westward  What Do I Have To Do  buy on itunes



Date: 1/3/2003
Very nice stuff here!
Date: 1/3/2003
holy s. big thumbs up!
Matt Carpenter
Date: 1/3/2003
I love a woman with good taste. Though the Pumpkins love song that fits me may be In The Arms Of Sleep. That is one of my favorite Stabbing Westward songs.
Matt Carpenter
Date: 1/3/2003
What Do I Have To Do, I mean.
Date: 1/3/2003
This is a really nice mix. And it's even better 'cause you have a Rivers quote in your comments. Rawk!
Katie Red
Date: 1/3/2003
didn't make the desired effect. it's still in my possesion. it is the best thing that i have ever compiled on my own and it just fell short of the mark...
" and if i can't make you love me then tell me what do i have to do to forget about you...."
nick isom
Date: 1/4/2003
nice mix.
Date: 1/4/2003
I actually like that OLP song.
Date: 9/4/2003
This is really good! Wish you were here ... nice choice.

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