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CD | Theme - Depression

warmer than australia

Artist Song Buy
Cat Power  Sophisticated Lady  buy on itunes
Howie Beck  Come Back Again  buy on itunes
Teenage Fanclub  Your Love is A Place I Come From  buy on itunes
Kevin Tihista  Sucker  buy on itunes
Matt Ward  ESP (and a knockout punch)  buy on itunes
Rainer Ptacek  The Farm  buy on itunes
Howe Gelb  Explore You  buy on itunes
The Scud Mountain Boys  One Hand  buy on itunes
James William Hindle  Sparky Marcus  buy on itunes
Barbara Manning  Stain on the Sun  buy on itunes
Giant Sand  Astonished (in Memphis)  buy on itunes
Edith Frost  Wonder Wonder  buy on itunes
Hem  Night Like a River  buy on itunes
Sarah Dougher  Ground Below  buy on itunes
The Philistines Jr  Impossible Dream of the Submarine  buy on itunes
The Polyphonic Spree  Soldier Girl  buy on itunes
Jeff Mangum  Love How You Love Me  buy on itunes
Hefner  Hymn for the Alcohol  buy on itunes
Hawksley Workman  Stop Joking Around  buy on itunes
Lisa Germano  Small Heads  buy on itunes
Vic Chesnutt  Rabbit Box  buy on itunes
Bobby Conn  Rise Up  buy on itunes


maybe later


Date: 1/9/2003
Even tho I haven't heard nearly ANY of the bands on this one, anything with Giant Sand & Lisa Germano HAS to be good. Like OP8? Can I get a copy of this--I'd love to hear....
Date: 1/25/2003
Ooh wow another Rainer Ptacek fan? I've got to get more of his stuff...
Date: 3/21/2003
hey i must've missed this when it was first posted. looks great - but where else is warmer than australia? (at least in summer).

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