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Playlist | Alternative - College Rock
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tongue tuned to the undersong

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Declan Masterson  The Bright Lady  buy on itunes
The Smiths  How Soon is Now?  buy on itunes
David Byrne and Brian Eno  Mea Culpa  buy on itunes
Nirvana  Heart Shaped Box  buy on itunes
Tori Amos  Sister Janet  buy on itunes
Frank Black  Calistan  buy on itunes
Shawn Colvin  Tenderness on the Block  buy on itunes
REM  Fretless  buy on itunes
Neil Young and Crazy Horse  Sleeps with Angels  buy on itunes
Beck  Whiskeyclone, Hotel City 1997  buy on itunes
David Byrne  A Long Time Ago  buy on itunes
Shannon Worrell  Wondertwins  buy on itunes
Side B
Parliament  Up for the Down Stroke  buy on itunes
Beck  Beercan  buy on itunes
Tori Amos  Honey  buy on itunes
Nine Inch Nails  Dead Souls  buy on itunes
David Byrne and Brian Eno  Moonlight in Glory  buy on itunes
Beck  Hollow Log  buy on itunes
Hilliard Ensemble  De spineto nata rosa  buy on itunes
Shannon Worrell  Snakebite  buy on itunes
Nirvana  Pennyroyal Tea  buy on itunes
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Party  Kali Kali Zulfon Ke Phande Nah Dalo  buy on itunes
Robert Hurst  Jill's Groove  buy on itunes
Sundays  Wild Horses  buy on itunes


Recorded 1 October 1994. Me moving out of depression after graduation and into a kind of strangely intense solo existence. Monastic, almost.

About the obscure cuts:

The opening track is a solo on the Uillean pipes that appeared on the Realworld compilation Lament, in honor of the dead on both sides of the undeclared Irish civil war.
All the Brian Eno/David Byrne tracks come from the criminally underappreciated "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts."
"Fretless" is an REM b-side that here was taken from the soundtrack to "Until the End of the World."
Shannon Worrell is a singer-songwriter from Charlottesville who put out a few albums in the 90s. "Wondertwins" is a playful, uptempo number with support from Dave Matthews' sax player; "Snakebite" is a hypnotic, oddly haunting song stripped to just guitar and vocals and lends the title to the mix ("I'm only mud and matter, I'm/sometimes black and strong/heart as red as a madder root/tongue tuned to the undersong/am I the wrong one for you?")
"Hollow Log" comes from Beck's K Records release, "One Foot in the Grave," on which he sounds like he's channelling Robert Johnson.
"De spineto nata rosa" is a brief but shimmering fragment of a Renaissance motet from the Hilliard's recording of the Polish text "Codex Specialnik."
"Pennyroyal Tea" isn't obscure but it has obscure meaning for me. Recovering from an ulcer as I was, I knew even then that Kurt was writing about the debilitating effects of a stomach tearing itself apart ("I'm on warm milk and laxatives/cherry flavored antacids") and this song captured the depression and suicidal urges left by his struggle. (Pennyroyal is an abortifacient: "distill the life that's inside of me.")
The Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan song is the transcendent moment on the tape: over ten minutes of pure improvisational throat splitting religious ecstasy.


Date: 1/21/2003
Beautiful Tim Jarrett! You're dead-on about the Byrne/Eno lp..., also, everything on that soundtrack, "Until the End of the World", is pretty good. Anything coming from a codex has to be a deliverance into strange areas....,as is Nusrat.....unfamiliar with Ms. Worrell...Nice MIX!
bufo alvarius
Date: 1/21/2003
Great mix, man. Valis is OTM about the "End of The World" soundtrack. Good stuff.
Date: 1/21/2003
This looks wonderful.
Date: 1/21/2003
Shannon Worrell is amazing-- didn't think I'd ever see her on a mix here. Very cool other selections as well-- I especially like the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Date: 1/22/2003
Your comments have me intrigued with this mix...very, very intrigued.
abigail dice1
Date: 1/22/2003
lordy this is good. phew. LOVE it. great Tori picks!
Date: 1/22/2003
Mary S, thanks for the comments. How did you find Shannon's work? Seems most people on this site only know her duet with Dave Matthews on "Eleanor."

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