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Walking Contradictions

Artist Song Buy
Dropkick Murphys  Boys On The Docks  buy on itunes
Flogging Molly  Devil's Dance Floor  buy on itunes
Reel Big Fish  The Set Up (You Need This)  buy on itunes
Athenaeum  Lacy  buy on itunes
Weezer  Undone: The Sweater Song  buy on itunes
Pulley  Silver Tongue Devil  buy on itunes
Something Corporate  I Want to Save You  buy on itunes
Splender  Happier this Way  buy on itunes
Mollys Yes  And She  buy on itunes
Local H  Bound for the Floor  buy on itunes
Collective Soul  Shine  buy on itunes
Live  Deep Enough  buy on itunes
Green Day  Walking Contradiction  buy on itunes
MxPx  New York to Nowhere  buy on itunes
What About Cliff  Show Me the Way to Go Home  buy on itunes
The Refreshments  Heaven or the highway out of town  buy on itunes
Good Charlotte  The Anthem  buy on itunes
Josh Joplin Group  Superstar  buy on itunes
Reliant K  My Way Or The Highway  buy on itunes
Lit  Lovely day  buy on itunes
Eve 6  Nightmare  buy on itunes
SR-71  Last Man On The Moon  buy on itunes
New Found Glory  Sincerely Me  buy on itunes
Sugarbomb  Hello  buy on itunes


This mix started as a punk mix, but then I decided to make a driving mix, but then I decided that I'd just go for something upbeat to listen to, and here I am. I also limited myself to one song per artist. I tied it together with Green Day's "Walking Contradiction", because while all the songs here sound rather upbeat, some have a negative message/vibe and some are purely uplifting. One of my favorites is Lit's "Lovely Day" ("Such a lovely day and it's nothing more than ordinary") leading into Eve 6's "Nightmare" ("In my nightmare I feel so alive"). The dichotomy between simiply living being a nightmare verses being lovely was interesting, and such differences occur across the mix.

So I guess it's a simple concept, and the thing flows pretty well, and with a mild overburn it fits on a regular CD-R.

I'd like comments though, if anyone has any...this is one of my first mixes that I actually took more than 5 minutes to make at random.


Katie Red
Date: 1/27/2003
wow. i like it. rock on with the collective soul.

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