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CD | Mixed Genre
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Two Minute Warning!

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Bright Paper Werewolves -Guided By Voices (1:14)  28. Touched -My Bloody Valentine (0:56)  buy on itunes
Pantala Naga Pampa -Dave Matthews Band (0:40)  29. Coo Coo -Big Brother and the Holding Company (1:56)  buy on itunes
Number Three -Ben Harper (1:43)  30. Lovin' & Huggin' -Hank Williams III (1:51)  buy on itunes
Particle Man -They Might Be Giants (1:55)  31. Over It -Southern Culture On The Skids (1:56)  buy on itunes
When Ure Heart Turns Cold -Sonia Sanchez (1:37)  32. Deep Folk Song -Deep Forest (1:14)  buy on itunes
Shiloh -Buju Banton (0:17)  33. Chop Chop Life -Cher UK (1:58)  buy on itunes
Taiyed -311 (1:50)  34. Convicted -Hater (1:11)  buy on itunes
Red Light Visions -Cypress Hill (1:45)  35. Star Turtle 4 -Harry Connick, Jr. (1:43)  buy on itunes
All Live -Pharcyde  36. A Little Something Refreshing -No Doubt (1:18)  buy on itunes
Senor Burns -Tito Puente (1:13)  37. Time for Livin' -Beastie Boys (1:48)  buy on itunes
Whitey -Everlast (1:35)  38. Manteca -Phish (0:29)  buy on itunes
Her Majesty -The Beatles (0:23)  39. Wintertime Love -The Doors (1:54)  buy on itunes
Dorita -Lou Reed (1:07)  40. The Music Is You -John Denver (1:26)  buy on itunes
I Just Wanna Get Along -The Breeders (1:43)  41. On The Road Again -Lovin' Spoonful (1:49)  buy on itunes
Paddle Out -Sublime (1:15)  42. My Man Spank Dog -Smokin Suckaz wit Logic (0:36)  buy on itunes
Infinite Tamboura -Rusted Root (1:53)  43. Party Enema -NOFX (1:30)  buy on itunes
Moon Pie -Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (1:05)  44. Emenius Sleepus -Green Day (1:43)  buy on itunes
Grandpa -Li'l Cap'n Travis (1:49)  45. Nothing Achieving -The Police (1:54)  buy on itunes
Lawdy Mama -Cream (1:50)  46. Poison to the Mind -Pop Will Eat Itself (0:57)  buy on itunes
Paperback Life -Mudhoney (1:33)  47. Something to Find -Buck-O-Nine (1:22)  buy on itunes
Pry To -Pearl Jam (1:03)  48. Radiation Nation -Agent 51 (1:58)  buy on itunes
Territorial Pissings -Hotbox (1:52)  49. Punk Rock Classic -Red Hot Chili Peppers (1:46)  buy on itunes
Think Again -Mighty Mighty Bosstones  50. Sometimes (mix #9) -Erykah Badu (0:44)  buy on itunes
Traffic Jam -Snoop Doggy Dogg (0:31)  51. We Have Heaven -Yes (1:28)  buy on itunes
Seperate/Together -A Tribe Called Quest (1:38)  52. Race Car Ya Yas -Cake (1:20)  buy on itunes
Yellin' In My Ear -Operation Ivy (1:32)  53. Rent For Sale -INDK (1:51)  buy on itunes
Spit -Big Boys (0:49)  54. Bonus Track -Makavelli (1:50)  buy on itunes


I made this mix for the Super Bowl Party this year...and while I can find joy in Tampa Bay's victory, I think it's sad that this mix is more exciting than the game was!! Yes, it really has 54 tracks of songs less than two minutes...and except for a few exceptions, I tried to choose actual songs and not Intros, Outros, Skits, or Interludes. This mix took way too much of my time for the better part of a week before the game, and even then I finished burning it just moments before we had to leave the house.
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Jake Adler
Date: 2/1/2003
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 2/1/2003

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