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Building Blocks of Hip-Hop

Artist Song Buy
James Brown  Funky Drummer  buy on itunes
Gil Scott Heron  The revolution will not be televised  buy on itunes
The Blackbyrds  Rock creek park  buy on itunes
Lyn Collins  Think  buy on itunes
The Jimmy Castor Bunch  It's just begun  buy on itunes
Lonnie Liston Smith  Expansions  buy on itunes
The Incredible Bongo Band  Apache  buy on itunes
Dennis Coffey  Scorpio  buy on itunes
Babe Ruth  The Mexican  buy on itunes
Kraftwerk  Trans-Europe express  buy on itunes
Rhythm Heritage  Theme from SWAT  buy on itunes
The Fatback band  King Tim III  buy on itunes
The Sugarhill gang  Rapper's delight (long version)  buy on itunes
Kurtis Blow  The Breaks  buy on itunes
Funky Four plus one  That's the joint  buy on itunes
Grandmaster Flash  The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel  buy on itunes
Afrika Bambaataa  Planet Rock  buy on itunes
Grandmaster Flash and the furious five  The Message  buy on itunes


A few of these songs can be found on my other mixes, though they are set in a different context here: they are all tracks that influenced hip hop in some way or another. By the way, this bad ass picture of Mr. T has absolutely nothing to do with this mix in any way. I just always wanted to put a picture of Mr. T on one of my mixes. Maybe this is the mix he listens to in the A-Team van when he's on the way to bust some fools heads together.
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Skills McPlenty
Date: 2/1/2003
cool shit
The Misfit
Date: 2/1/2003
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 2/1/2003
very nice..check out the "kurtis blow history of rap vol 1-3" on rhino for more similar kinda stuff.
Date: 2/1/2003
this is fantastic
Date: 2/3/2003
Hell yeah! This should get mix of the week, even though it probably won't. Kurtis Blow doesn't get nearly the props he deserves. Excellent mix.
Reverand Funk
Date: 2/4/2003
Damn, should have put some Last Poets on this....
Date: 2/6/2003
Its good to see another person who can appreciate the funk. Do u ever do trades?
Date: 7/10/2003
Peanut Butter Wolf cuts off the 45'... fit tight

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