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lilac wine

Artist Song Buy
rainer maria  thought i was  buy on itunes
smashing pumpkins  mayonaise  buy on itunes
jeff buckley  lilac wine  buy on itunes
tori amos  past the mission  buy on itunes
the smiths  please please please let me get what i want  buy on itunes
lou reed  walk on the wild side  buy on itunes
the tragically hip  so hard done by  buy on itunes
type o negative  cinnamon girl  buy on itunes
buck jones  silverlush  buy on itunes
janes addiction  i would for you  buy on itunes
jeff buckley  last embrace  buy on itunes
gorillaz  starshine  buy on itunes
massive attack  black milk  buy on itunes


doesn't really have a specific theme or mood to it... though i intended not to have anything too hard or too angsty. i like the way this mix flows. always got to make the mix flow right. and two jeff buckley songs on one mix? i don't see a problem with that. ;>

.....p.s. the image comes from http://stock-feratu.deviantart.com and i tweaked it a little in photoshop.
image for mix


Date: 2/4/2003
A very beautiful mix, and you're right, the flow is perfect.
Date: 2/9/2003
Yeah.. cool mix.. I like it...

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