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suck away the sugar coating

Artist Song Buy
XTC  The Ugly Underneath  buy on itunes
Taxiride  Get Set  buy on itunes
The Vines  Highly Evolved  buy on itunes
Dixie Chicks  Hole in My Head  buy on itunes
Jimmy Luxury  Cha Cha Cha  buy on itunes
Socialburn  Down  buy on itunes
Leona Naess  Charm Attack  buy on itunes
Jason Falkner  Photograph  buy on itunes
Beulah  Gravity's Bringing Us Down  buy on itunes
Plain White T's  What If  buy on itunes
Kirsty MacColl  In These Shoes?  buy on itunes
Good Charlotte  Complicated  buy on itunes
The Verve Pipe  La La  buy on itunes
Sarah Harmer  Around This Corner  buy on itunes
Smashing Pumpkins  Thirty-Three  buy on itunes
Red Delicious  Beautiful  buy on itunes
The Cure  The Blood  buy on itunes
American Music Club  Keep Me Around  buy on itunes
Scott Weiland  But Not Tonight  buy on itunes
Cat Power  Wonderwall  buy on itunes
Jump, Little Children  Because of You  buy on itunes


This one is for perlmunkee...and he deserves a good one! Let me know if you're sick of any of this, Zach...I started trying to go through your mixes to see if I was duplicating, but you've just got too many and my head started to spin. Title from the XTC track.
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Date: 2/9/2003
Awesome. I'll be posting his by the end of the day. Nice Leona Naess song, by the way... looks familiar! :)
Date: 2/10/2003
Wow! Your genius continues. It's just not fair, though. How can I come up with a mix to compete with this??
Emily Stein1
Date: 2/10/2003
How fabulous! And what an excellent J,LC song...somehow very fitting for your title. :)
Date: 2/10/2003
this ROCKS...i've been away from this neck o'the woods for the majority of the last couple months...and it's so nice to see lovely mixes again from lovely folk.
nick isom
Date: 2/16/2003
this is a great mix. i love that Jump, Little Children song.

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