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Indiepop 2.02

Artist Song Buy
vic conrad and the first third  magneto  buy on itunes
frank bango  candybar killer  buy on itunes
departure lounge  the new you  buy on itunes
cinerama  maniac  buy on itunes
the aluminum group  angel on a trampoline  buy on itunes
the green pajamas  spinning around  buy on itunes
the hang-ups  parkway  buy on itunes
starflyer 59  all the time  buy on itunes
the pursuit of happiness  pressing lips  buy on itunes
the judybats  woman in the garden  buy on itunes
birdie  she can't lose  buy on itunes
david kilgour  shivering  buy on itunes
the magnetic fields  busby berkeley dreams  buy on itunes
bill pritchard  tommy and co  buy on itunes
another girl  sometimes  buy on itunes
gorky's zygotic mynci  patio song  buy on itunes
ivy  get enough  buy on itunes
the waterwalk  feelings fall  buy on itunes
kevin kane  the sinking song  buy on itunes
the melody unit  suite for caesar  buy on itunes


I made this for my February 2002 Indiepop Swap matchup. Tried to achieve a jangly vibe in general. Hidden track too (not listed). I freely admit there are several tracks here pulled from major label releases (waterwalk, another girl, pursuit of happiness, judybats) but they are all out-of-print in the US so I guess they were meant for the indie crowd afterall, eh? :) Great stuff, though.
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Rob Conroy
Date: 2/17/2003
I really love that Stephen Merritt masterpiece...
"Parkway" is a great, great song.

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