let's blow this fascist popsicle stand

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pink floyd  us and them  buy on itunes
dean martin & ricky nelson  my rifle, my pony and me  buy on itunes
2pac  tradin' war stories  buy on itunes
radiohead  i might be wrong  buy on itunes
kate bush  army dreamers  buy on itunes
filter  hey man nice shot  buy on itunes
bob marley  war  buy on itunes
metallica  seek and destroy  buy on itunes
david bowie  the man who sold the world  buy on itunes
ozzy osbourne  warpigs  buy on itunes
duran duran  a view to a kill  buy on itunes
black rebel motorcycle club  rifles  buy on itunes
rage against the machine  war within a breath  buy on itunes
elvis presley  suspicious minds  buy on itunes
dead kennedys  kill the poor  buy on itunes
catherine wheel  that's when i reach for my revolver  buy on itunes
the cure  killing an arab  buy on itunes
bobby darin  somewhere beyond the sea  buy on itunes
depeche mode  world full of nothing  buy on itunes


these songs are playing on bush and blair's jukebox.
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Date: 2/20/2003
This is an excellent compilation...
Date: 2/20/2003
good cover, very funny... i don't like every songs on this mix but the concept is very good (sometimes i'm proud to be belgian)
Date: 2/20/2003
great mix, oingo boingo's War Again would also make a good addition if anyone is thinking of making thier own version. I love the cover art.
Robert Moses
Date: 2/20/2003
Donnie Darko is a pinko? Never would have guessed...
Jon Shapiro
Date: 2/20/2003
ha ha, "and jostling happily with 2 million [lost & misguided] souls [being taken advantage of by the Communist Peace March Organizers], is more accurate, ha ha ha
Date: 2/20/2003
Good job. Inspired choices. "I love a man in a yoo-nee-form..."
abigail dice1
Date: 2/20/2003
*thumps up* I love this! yuuuuumy stuff here. :)

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