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i keep on disappointing the people i love

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Nick Cave  Rock of Gibraltor  buy on itunes
Beth Orton  Blood Red River  buy on itunes
Billy Bragg and Wilco  Someday Some Morning Sometime  buy on itunes
Azure Ray  Trees Keep Growing  buy on itunes
Ryan Adams  New York, New York  buy on itunes
David Gray  Freedom  buy on itunes
Nick Cave  Gates to the Garden  buy on itunes
Duncan Sheik  On a High  buy on itunes
Beth Orton  Concrete Sky  buy on itunes
Gary Jules  Jeremiah Weed  buy on itunes
Howie Day  She Says  buy on itunes
Matthew Good Band  Fine Art of Falling Apart  buy on itunes
My Morning Jacket  Heartbreakin Man  buy on itunes
Badly Drawn Boy  Something to Talk About  buy on itunes
Beth Orton  Wish I'd Never Seen the Sunshine  buy on itunes
reindeer section  ive never understood  buy on itunes
rilo kiley  august  buy on itunes
ryan adams  la cienga just smiled  buy on itunes
murmurs  untouchable  buy on itunes


so i got in late last night, from a chill evening, just went and saw a movie, was back pretty early, and i get online and my parents, who are now tucked inside their little bed, have sent me an email detailing how disappointed in me they are. looks like the start of a great weekend, huh?
so i swore id never put badly drawn boy or ryan adams on anything but then i actually heard them and decided to break my rule...a bunch of these songs are pretty popular... theyve been sitting on my hard drive and needed some loving... duncan sheik is another one i'd have never put on anything, but i cant help liking this song, it cheers me up.. and nick cave - gotta love him.... and beth orton - no apologies there: she is an incredible listen when im both happy and sad.. these are my fave tracks for rainy days...but hey, on a high note, AFI's new album comes out in two days! i no longer have to restrain myself from burning leaked copies! yay! have a nice day.
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The Misfit
Date: 3/9/2003
Very nice mix. And I love the artwork!
Date: 3/9/2003
wow. i love the david gray, beth orton, duncan sheik, nick cave and the 2nd ryan adams song. so, so pretty.
Mo Twang!
Date: 3/10/2003
Very nice.
Media Vixen: Radio Sally
Date: 3/23/2003
At least you got some inspiration from your parents ... looks like a great mix...
Date: 3/23/2003
thanks, this has become my ultimate remedy for a shitty day... glad you guys like it
Date: 3/29/2003
ryan adams.

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