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Polska Melancholia: Various Polish melancholic songs

Artist Song Buy
Noon  Warsaw  buy on itunes
Krystyna Janda  Na zakrecie  buy on itunes
Kult  Jesli zechczesz odejsc - odejdz  buy on itunes
Kult  Kochaj mnie, a bede twoja  buy on itunes
Mazowsze  Mizerna Cicha  buy on itunes
Przemyslaw Gintrowski  Wyspianski  buy on itunes
Kult  Nie doroslem do swych lat  buy on itunes
VariTtT  American Way  buy on itunes
Maciej Malenczuk  Mirek Jankowski  buy on itunes
Kult  Czarne Slonca  buy on itunes
Kult  Lewe lewe loff  buy on itunes
Kult  Ballada o dw=ch siostrach  buy on itunes
Kult  Komu bije dzwon  buy on itunes
Myslovitz  Chlopcy  buy on itunes
Pati Yang  Si  buy on itunes
Pati Yang  Uwolnij  buy on itunes
Golec uOrkiestra  Na holi (Polish highland folk)  buy on itunes
Snuz  Razem-sir  buy on itunes
Kult  Dolina (Russian/Ukrainian trad.)  buy on itunes


Melancholy is a strong constituent of the average Polish psyche. Probably only the Eastern Slavs, and maybe the Hungarians, can compete with us there :D

This CD traverses the melancholic terrain of all sorts of Polish music: from ballads of the sort you'd expect to hear performed at a dimly lit, w=dka-drenched dive frequented by thieves, thugs, drunks, and no-hopers, during one of the bleaker periods of Polish Communism, through rock, to trip-hop, folk music, and even a britpop song - yep, you heard me, Polish britpop ;) - and a Christmas Carol. Not exactly a depressing mix, but very Polish and very melancholy.
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jean luc godard
Date: 3/23/2003
the polish are sexy with a capital X.
Date: 3/23/2003
bhuddha boom ski
Date: 3/24/2003
I saw the title, I expected Myslovitz and there they are, and they are bardzo dobrze.
Wonder Elf
Date: 3/24/2003
This sounds neat. I would like to get a copy, so let me know if you'd like to trade for one of the mixes I have listed or I could put together something new.
jean luc godard
Date: 3/31/2003
trade with me pretty please?

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