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Music for Scorpios and anyone else with white-noise in their head

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Nine Inch Nails  Starfuckers Inc. (Charlie Clouser version)  buy on itunes
Autechre  Blifil  buy on itunes
Amon Tobin  Get your snack on  buy on itunes
Philip Boa & the Voodoo Club  Turnips (Aphex Twin remix)  buy on itunes
The Orb  Montagne D'or (Der Gvte Berg) - (Vestax mix)  buy on itunes
Zdzislaw Piernik & Slawomir Janicki  Dialogues for tuba, double bass, and tape  buy on itunes
Autechre  Gantz Graf  buy on itunes
Amon Tobin  Golfer vrs Boxer  buy on itunes
Bogdan Raczynski  Trance and Burn  buy on itunes
Autechre  Rettic Ac  buy on itunes
Autechre  Pen Expers  buy on itunes
Mu-Ziq  Brace Yourself (Aphex Twin remix)  buy on itunes
Amon Tobin  Reanimator  buy on itunes
Autechre  Cap.IV  buy on itunes


If you sometimes have "white noise" in your head, and inner peace is but a dream, I find that sometimes the best remedy is to simply go with it - to match the intensity of your mind with some really full-on music and just let your brain bask in it until it becomes pleasantly satiated - like a cerebral sprint around the block. The music on this mix is intense, restless, edgy, complicated, syncopated, richly textured and detailed. In short, a mind fuck - and a pretty glorious one at that (and quite 'listenable to', I find). Mostly electronic music, except Amon Tobin's stuff, which is sample-based music from the Ninja Tune label, and the Piernik & Janicki track which is Polish "jass" music.
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g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 3/23/2003 it white noise or pink's Coo
L !
interesting pic.
Date: 3/24/2003
A litte heavy on the autechtre but looks good. I am a scorpio and I love noise. Id be interesting in trading for this. let me know.

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