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Cassette | Jazz - Avant-Garde Jazz
Cassette | Jazz
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ
Cassette | Theme

life's too short for soft porn

Side A
Artist Song Buy
clip from liquid television  "while you are listening to this recording..."  buy on itunes
moistboyz  1.0 (fuck no)   buy on itunes
beatles  what goes on  buy on itunes
clip from 48 hours look at lsd  "has your son ever said to you, i found god?"  buy on itunes
thurston moore  queen bee and her pals   buy on itunes
reverend horton heat  johnny quest/stop that pigeon  buy on itunes
clip from full metal jacket  "i am in a world of shit."  buy on itunes
alice donut  son of a disgruntled x-postal worker...  buy on itunes
clip from heavenly creatures  "do you like girls?"  buy on itunes
amps  i'm decided  buy on itunes
sesame street  12 (from pinball cartoon)  buy on itunes
mr. officer  buy on itunes
jay billings  angry drunken message left on my answering machine  buy on itunes
bloodhound gang  (we are the) knuckleheads  buy on itunes
clip from bloodhound gang  "ahoy sissy, whatcha got in your mouth there sissy?"  buy on itunes
combustible edison  the millionaire's holiday   buy on itunes
frank zappa  baby snakes  buy on itunes
clip from ren and stimpy  "come on everybody. let's have a hoedown."  buy on itunes
doo rag  backyard  buy on itunes
jesus lizard  sunday, you need love  buy on itunes
clip from 48 hours look at lsd  "when i'm looking at you i see a thousand transparent colored dots..."  buy on itunes
theme from sanford and son    buy on itunes
lubricated goat  bad times  buy on itunes
clip from the simpsons  "if you don't like it go to russia."  buy on itunes
james brown  mother popcorn, pt. 1   buy on itunes
geoff muldaur  theme from brazil  buy on itunes
nofx  bob   buy on itunes
hanna-barbera sound effect  running feet that sound like bongo drums  buy on itunes
Side B
clip from butthole surfers' bbq movie  "eww, dad farted. that's a lie jerry jr. no, it really stinks."  buy on itunes
butthole surfers  hey   buy on itunes
clip from from an interview with gibby haynes  "you can't buy liquor by the drink in oklahoma."  buy on itunes
supersuckers  how to maximize your kill count   buy on itunes
flaming lips  the ceiling's bendin'  buy on itunes
clip from from dusk till dawn  "ritchie, would you do me a favor and eat my pussy for me please? um, sure."  buy on itunes
jon wayne  texas funeral   buy on itunes
clip from a ween single  "the freedom to do what you want..."  buy on itunes
dean carter  jailhouse rock   buy on itunes
king buzzo  skeeter  buy on itunes
beck  satan gave me a taco  buy on itunes
clip from dazed and confused  "there's some spooky stuff on a dollar bill, man..."  buy on itunes
ween  i'm fat  buy on itunes
crunt  swine  buy on itunes
clip of adrock/michael jackson/diane sawyer  "my nuts/my penis/then masturbation"  buy on itunes
devo  (i can't get no) satisfaction   buy on itunes
marcy  join the gospel express  buy on itunes
clip of some redneck comedian  "you're looking damn good in that garfield sleepwear."  buy on itunes
monster magnet  cyclops revolution   buy on itunes
clip from the melvins' stoner witch  dog saying "i love you"  buy on itunes
hank williams  jambalaya (on the bayou)   buy on itunes
mr. rogers  you can never go down the drain  buy on itunes
helios creed  mustard dog   buy on itunes
clip from dream on  "if i don't stop laughing, i'll have to go to the bathroom."  buy on itunes
pirates of the caribbean  yo, ho (a pirate's life for me)  buy on itunes
clip from fast times at ridgemont high  "it takes a lot of courage to get up here and do something that you know people make fun of."  buy on itunes
urge overkill  dropout   buy on itunes
    buy on itunes


this is the real blueprint of one of my mixed tapes. it used to take me at least a week to make a tape, but now it only takes a day or two if i'm properly motivated.


Justin Duerr
Date: 12/8/2003
This is actually kind of insane. More people should do mixes with clips between the songs. A member of the Bloodhound Gang, Matt, used to live with me. I think his "stage name" is "Lupus". Hooray for the Butthole Surfers!!!

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